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What is your favourite Dan Swanö Project?

Edge of Sanity33
Dan Swanö (Moontower)10
Diabolical Masquerade5

Total votes: 85

The original post

Posted by on 19.11.2006 at 23:05
I've decided to take only the 'big' projects Swanö has done, and not the million small EP-bands he's been in over the years, or the one off albums (Katatonia's Tonight Decision, Star One's Space Metal, etc, though I've put in Dan Swanö's self-titled)

It's almost impossible to choose, but through deducting that Diabolical Masquerade is more of a Blakkheim project, Godsend and Infestdead being only good, Nightingale, Pan.thy.monium and Ribspreader being only superbly great, left me with Edge of Sanity or Bloodbath...and as Moontower was like an extention of Edge of Sanity...I went with them. Any of them could have won though, they're all great.

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  21.05.2009 at 20:58
I voted for Edge Of Sanity, one of my fave bands.. I also like Nightingale a lot ( listen to nothing but Nightingale nowadays) and stuff.. The man is a genius..
Darkside Momo
Je suis Charlie

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  19.02.2012 at 02:18
Haven't heard Moontower yet, but Pan.Thy.Monium (and the even crazier Tintin-infused Karaboudjan) will probably get my vote anyway. Dawn Of Dreams and Khaooos & Kon-Fus-Ion blow 95% of the world's music out of the water.

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  19.02.2012 at 02:20
I think Steel has to be honourably mentioned for the fun, ridiculous cheese factor:


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  19.02.2012 at 02:21
and the two Crimsons albums

These are the only things I've been listening and enjoyed. So I can't vote.
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Je suis Charlie

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  19.02.2012 at 02:35
I feel like posting videos
Pan.Thy.Monium's best song IMO:

And (not in the poll) Karaboudjan:

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." - Ray Bradbury
Shadow King

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  06.10.2012 at 01:27
Edge of Sanity, it is an extremely underrated act, coming out with classics like Purgatory Afterglow and Crimson. I like Bloodbath, good ole' traditional death metal, but the more progressive band always wins for me.
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  14.10.2012 at 04:35
Hail Of Bullets.

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  14.10.2012 at 05:32
I'm a big Ribspreader fan myself.

So dirty, So good.
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