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08.09.2013 - 06:34
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Just reading about lovecraft themed metal in another thread and was wondering....
Are you more attracted to music/genres by the theme or just the sound that happens to have that theme? for example would you turn down a NSBM band that sounds really good to you but you don't agree with the lyrics ?
Or on a less extreme note, a band that sounds really good but have lyrics about some average fantasy novel and cover all there albums with pictures of wizards and dragons, which you may find immature and cliche.
Or maybe you listen to a band that you think is a bit average but strongly agree with there point of view ?
19.09.2013 - 09:03
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Hey why didn't anyone post in my awesome thread ? even just to say how shit it was at least...well it will be back at the top now so i can watch it drop down the ladder again. And people can look and say "look at that losers thread! what a shit thread, and he is even replying to his own thread, what a total fuckwit"
22.09.2013 - 06:01
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Well since no one's nice enough to post here, I will... Cause I find you're question interesting.

I know that alot of people turn down power metal cuz it has alot of ''fantasy'' themes and all. But honestly for my part, I don't really mind
the theme a band goes on about. I mean yes it can be a plus at times, but I would not be the type to turn down a really good sounding
band just because of crappy lyrics or funny artworks. Of course I enjoy the lyrics and all, but it's nothing mandatory to me.

You could have an awesome Thrash band talking about crap and piss, if they sound good... I'll be listening for sure. After all, its not
the lyrics that makes me headbang like a maniac, but the music itself.
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22.09.2013 - 08:22
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Thanks, i didn't think the thread was that bad i have seen worse get replies (like the other one i made )

Well yeah, with a lot of metal, most of the time you don't hear what there even on about anyway. But i'm sure some purest might turn away a band like "wolves in the throne room" simply because there going against the grain of (probably the wrong word)what "traditional" black metal is suppose to be.

I myself get put off by satanic upside down crosses on the cover and in lyrics...bores the shit out of me, though the first bands doing that were good.
22.09.2013 - 11:12
I'm mostly interested in the music but the purpose and the theme come as secondary points of interest so it doesn't mean I totally neglect it.