Fragile Vastness (Greek Band Like Fates Warning)

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Posted by Anathemani@c, 11.03.2007 - 15:55
Fragile Vastness is a band from Greece basically formed by Vangelis Yalamas, who was the owner of Fragile Studios in Athens.. Anyway! That band plays a mix of progressive metal, surrounded by samples, ethnic and new age passages and also many sound colours that gives evidence for the Medittaranean roots of Fragile Vasteness.. They have released two alboums. Their debut was "Excerpts" and then they released their second double cd called "A tribute to life", where Joey Vera and Ray Alder (from Fates Warning) participated.. Personally, I think that this double alboum is such deep that can travel you though many places of the whole world! So, is there anyone here who knows Fragile Vastness? If you do, please share your views with me!
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ok.....I apologize..

Did you finally like Fragile Vastness?? You didnt tell us your view!

Sorry, well, yeah.. .. I like it.