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1349 & Tombs - Roxy Theater, Denver, CO - 22 JAN 2016

Event: 1349: Chaos Raids US Tour 2016
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 24.02.2016


1349 & Tombs - Roxy Theater, Denver, CO USA - 22 Jan 2016 by D.T. Metal (34)

1349 just finished their "CHAOS RAIDS USA" tour and not a better fitting name could have been chosen for it.

Supported by grinders Full Of Hell and whatever the hell genre Tombs is called these days, the tour made a stop at the Roxy Theater in Denver, CO the end of January. Unfortunately I missed most of Full Of Hell's set, but they did an awesome job warming up the audience.

And wow, really haven't been to that venue in the last couple of years, but it's not bad at all. The room slants toward the stage, so there really isn't a bad place to stand while still being able to watch the bands. The sound could have been better, but I think this has more to do with their system and the layout of the room than the ability of the mixers.

So, Tombs I saw them at Maryland Deathfest and just like back then, they didn't disappoint and I am glad that they stuck with Fade Kainer on the synthesizer and additional vocals since he does fit with them like a glove. He gave the set that little extra push and his sharing vocal duties with Mike Hill worked out wonderful. Yes, the black metal elements were still strong, but the neck for the industrial side of the spectrum couldn't be denied either. The band actually played a fair amount of new material which fit the vibe of the show very nicely.

Major kudos to their bassist as well for sporting a Mgła shirt - in my opinion, one of the most underrated bands right now.

Then it was time for the mighty 1349 to take the stage. I had the pleasure of seeing Ravn and cohorts plenty of times over the years and it never gets old. Would I like to see Mr. Frost back behind the kit here in North America? Without a doubt. But Job For A Cowboy's Jon Rice is a very, very good substitute. Shit, I have seen them more with Jon than with Frost to be honest.

OT: I am more than stoked to finally hear some of JFAC's 2014 album Sun Eater being played live this year. Since they went on a performance hiatus a couple years back, this will be great. More info HERE /end OT

This was the second run in North America for 1349 while still supporting their 2014 release Massive Cauldron Of Chaos, so it was no surprise that the vast chunk of songs were from it; 5 songs to be exact. When they started their set I thought huh 3 songs in a row from Hellfire, what's going on But to my surprise, 1349 managed to play at least one song each off their full-lengths releases - NICE!

It was packed in the venue, maybe not sold out but pretty damn close I would guess, and the crowd really got into their set. There is a reason why 1349 still draws in todays oversaturated market - they are a monster live and unleashed HELL that night. Ear candy for me were definitely "Riders Of The Apocalypse" and "Atomic Chapel", but to be honest, their entire set just slayed. Since the band returned to the groovier and at times speedier realm of black metal on 2014's Massive Cauldron Of Chaos, it was no surprise that those songs were celebrated more than others by the crowd. LOL - I know, my definition of their music is kinda weird, but you know what I mean.

Seidemann plugged away nicely in the corner while Ravn and Archaon just went totally nuts at times. Well, those who have seen 1349 live before know exactly what I mean. Totally nuts was the mosh pit at times as well. Sorry dear Mrs. whoever you are, but taking your shirt of and jumping in the pit was just too good of an opportunity to not take your picture

Major kudos also to Cephalic Carnage's axe slinger Brian, who made sure that 1349 sounded the best they could that night. It's nice to have fellow band members helping out when the need arises when one tours in North America with a minimal crew.

Set list: I Am Abomination, Nathicana, Sculptor Of Flesh, Chained, Riders Of The, Apocalypse, Exorcism, Slaves, Aiwass-Aeon, Serpentine Sibilance, Atomic Chapel, Golem, Cauldron


Written on 24.02.2016 by Admin / Photographer / Reviewer

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24.02.2016 - 20:37
Bad English
IMO two bands what somehow don't gets together Tombs whit sludgy blacky sound, and 1340 what sounds as ''raw'' bm
Well I am all gene person but 1349 fans might not like it, I never likes bands as 1349, Gorgoroth, Marduk in the studio , to me its not ''art'' but chaos, (don't make sense) but I once saw Naglfar and it was blast, atmosphere, atmosphere, seems BM is genre what in live creates most atmosphere
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
25.02.2016 - 17:13
I caught this tour in Miami last month, 'twas pretty good. I went mostly for Full Of Hell, who wrecked the place as usual, but Tombs were the pleasant surprise of the night, they are incredibly good live. And 1349.... not really the type of black metal I get most excited about seeing live

Nice to see you had an awesome time in Denver though!
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25.02.2016 - 21:48
Glad to hear TOMBS did well. liked them, but after reviewing three consecutive albums i sort of had my fill.
get the fuck off my lawn.

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