Magrudergrind, Primitive Man - Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 08.03.2016

Event: Magrudergrind: European Tour 2016
Written by: Abattoir
Published: 02.04.2016

If you are up for some dirty, bursting, orgasmic live experiences, you should not overlook this package of hardcore bands. Combining Magrudergrind and Primitive Man as touring companions is a fine recipe for the explosive metal night, each of them presenting themselves in their own extreme direction.

A pleasant ambiance, suitably-chosen venue, also nicely-filled with a crowd of around 50-60 - it may seem like a small venue at first, but believe me, for these sorts of shows it's a top-notch selection. Two extreme bands packed into a small, intimate venue… you can only imagine how much power you get in overall sound output. Much more compact and louder in general.

So, to the line-up and main characters of the evening.

The overture belonged to Colorado-based extreme doomsters Primitive Man, the trio which got my interest and "dragged" me to this concert in first place. They've presented themselves with a heavy, pounding blackened sludge doom, coated with raw, monstrous, noisy sound and occasional, fast death metal passages. It simply gives you a massive dose of uncompromising aural penetration. It could be sensed, however, that Primitive Man might not present such a live attraction as their successors, Magrudergrind, to the audience, which was not enthusiastically overwhelmed. If you ask me, that's not really something new for the majority of doom metal bands. Nevertheless, I knew what to expect from them, so I can say that at the end of their 45-minute set, I had gotten what I had wanted.

On the other side we had New Yorkers Magrudergrind, a total contradiction - musically and as live performers. The powerviolence/grindcore beast unleashed its ferocious, brutal on-stage performance - for which, I admit, I was kind of unprepared, and by which I was more than positively impressed. Penetrating, screaming vocals, distorted, shredding guitars, and some of the fastest and most relentless drumming I've seen live. Even though I wasn't familiar with them before the gig as much as with Primitive Man, I once again proved to myself that sometimes you don't have to do "the complete checking" of the band prior to the show; you can just go with the flow. Worth every cent. Of course, being fond of grindcore was also a helpful factor for me. In this case the crowd was much more cooperative and elated during Magrudergrind's set.

All in all, I left the show more than pleased, though maybe the sets could have been a bit longer. Nevertheless, regarding their future extensive tour endeavors, it could be more than understandable. As already said, both bands still have lots of touring on their plates in the coming weeks/months. If you get the chance to catch live both or at least one of them, I highly recommend attending, whether you are a fan or just a regular concertgoer. One big round of applause for both Primitive Man and Magrudergrind from my side.

P.S.: No setlists, no photos, just black on white (in this case white on black).


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10.04.2016 - 20:42
Weehooo, gonna catch this tour later this month after I get back from Roadburn in Miami with Yautja and Implosive Disgorgence!
I'd much prefer it with Primitive Man supporting though
Now who should I call? Should I call Mr. Strawberry?
No, I don't think I'll call Mr. Strawberry. I don't think he's taking calls.
17.04.2016 - 15:22
Here are the links to fully filmed gigs (from this event) if anybdoy would be interested in: - Magrudergrind - Primitive Man

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