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Rockin' Field Festival 2008 - Milan, Italy, 26th July 2008

Event: Rockin' Field Festival
Written by: Mariamne
Published: 19.08.2008


Rockin' Field Festival 2008 - Milan, Italy, 26th July-2008 by Mariamne (66)

ROCKIN FIELD, Idroscalo, Milano (IT) 26.07.2008

Idroscalo is an artificial lake created near Milan in the late twenties to gather seaplanes. This lake, that still had a hangover from the Evolution fest, was the place for the inauguration of a new metal fest called Rockin Field, a quite modest event with few people, space and resources. Just 2000 of us decided to support the fest instead of attending one of the big gigs with big names that are going through Europe this summer. And I can bet it was a good choice.

I wasn't able to arrive on time, so I missed some of the bands playing under the burning sun. The role of opening the fest fell on two Italian bands, The Clairvoyants and [b]White Skull, who where added to the set on the last minute. Then it was time for the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, an emerging successful band in an emerging succesfull style. The organisation scheduled to continue the afternoon with a power thrash show performed by the English Biomechanical. They didn't seem to have a good day.

When Threshold took the stage we were only a few looking at the show, most of the people were enjoying themselves at the bar or sunbathing. However, the band performed in good mood and giving their best (with regard to technique), stringing together their older works with themes from 'Dead Reckoning'. The friendliness they radiated was palpable both on and offstage, where they met their fans.

Finally, the entrance of Vision Divine awoke the festive atmosphere. The audience welcomed their compatriots Olaf Thörsen and Fabio Lione, both well known artists in the Italian scene (Labyrinth and Rhapsody), in the celebration of their 10th anniversary. While the crowd was cheering their names they went over the years with songs such as 'Vision divine' or 'Alpha & Omega'. With all our eyes fixed on the sky, the band announced 'Send Me an Angel', but everything we received was heavy rain.

Under the pouring rain, with no place to take shelter in, most of the audience started to go out. Some of them remained in the first rows, in a stoic way, waiting to see the following performers, the Dutch band Epica. Even though it was quite difficult to judge the sound with the rain, this is one of the most energetic and astonishing gothic-metal bands on stage nowadays. They offered a powerful concert with a quite heavy setlist including 'Menace of Vanity', 'Fools of Damnation' and a cover of Death's 'Crystal Mountain' during Simone's deserved break. One of the surprises of the evening came when Amanda Somerville, vocalist on Avantasia and usual collaborator with the Dutch, accompanied Simone in 'Quietus'. Despite of the weather that tarnished their show, they gave a suitable goodbye with one of their most epic songs, 'Consign to Oblivion'.

The cloudy sky gave us a respite and gave way to the mythical pumpkins of Andi Deris. The unwearying Helloween showed up on stage with their always classic and happy homonym song. With a setlist based mainly on all time classics, such as 'Future World', 'Doctor Stein' and 'I Want Out', they delighted the unconditional fans and livened the most critic ones up. As time went by, the show turned into a real party, reaching the end of their performance with an Andi Deris dressed up as a circus master under the spell of two giant smiling pumpkins.

After a time lag that seemed eternity (though I must admit it's one of the few festivals I've been to where the performances started on time) to those who waited anxiously to see the headline band of the night, the lights went off and the stage begun to shine under stars like Oliver Hartman (guitar and vocals), Sascha Paeth (guitar) and Miro (keys). It was behind the first chords of 'Twisted Mind' that the long awaited artist showed up. Tobias Sammet presented his epic play in Italy for the first and probably for the last time with oustanding appearences like Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, André Matos and Amanda Somerville. Despite the first doubts of Sammet about moving the magic of Avantasia to the stage, he has managed in a superb way, taking care of every single detail of the concert. Perfect execution both by musicians and vocal artists from the beginning till the end, outstanding the strength of the always brilliant Jorn Lande. A once in a lifetime performance and we were there!

Avantasia setlist:

Twisted Mind
The Scarecrow
Another Angel Down
Reach Out For The Light
The Story Ain't Over
Shelter From The Rain
Lost In Space
I Don't Believe In Your Love
Serpents In Paradise
Promised Land
The Toy Master
Medley (Sign Of The Cross / The Seven Angels)

Thanks to the Rockin' Field Festival team for the accreditation.


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28.08.2008 - 19:44
Looks like it was awesome Festival
Especially because Avantasia & Epica were there
I wish I could go to it!
31.08.2008 - 19:04
Sounds like a nice festival despite the rain

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
31.08.2008 - 19:06
04.09.2008 - 22:53
Bad English
White Skull its realy amazing italian band and burning sun I love it best way how spend time in Italy
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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