Furia Antistatic - Toulouse, 10 October 2009

Event: Furia Antistatic Fest
Written by: Darkside Momo
Published: 19.11.2009


Furia Antistatic 2009 by Darkside Momo (17)

I decided to come to the Furia Antistatic at the last minute - laziness just took hold - and yes I was really well inspired to do so!

This little fest is organized by the Antistatic association - a well-known metal entity here in Toulouse, and so one of its bands is traditionally the headliner of the evening. This year, this slot was for Manimal (you'll find their myspace here ).


Their drummer broke his feet (or ankle, I'm not totally sure) the day before, so they had to cancel their show. The band who replaced them, at the last minute or so (as they were called a mere 4 hours before the beginning of the fest) was Nolentia, as we learned at the gate of the venue. I must add too that Antistatic did a great gift to everyone there: they offered one CD from one of their bands to each person in the audience who came to their booth in the venue, as an apology for Manimal's cancellation. That's very kind of them, as they had no obligation to do so, so thanks again!

As you'll see, the bands were great, but the audience was exceptionally receptive this night. Totally crazy, it's been a while since I did witness it here in Toulouse. There were a lot of youngsters and kids too - the average age was below 20 years old I'm sure, even if a lot of the veterans and old metalheads from Toulouse came here too.

I missed the show of this local band, but I was told it was good Down-like stuff, including the Anselmo-like 'fuck' and 'yeah'.

Their myspace.

Nephalokia are a young band, playing something best described as good, aggressive and catchy deathcore. While they made a few mistakes (I remember a good song which kinda lacked the extra heaviness needed to make it a great song), they are quite promising indeed! And certainly better than most bands in the style anyway.

Their myspace.

Pure grind'n roll energy and fun was to follow, as Nolentia came onstage - and yes, the running order was a bit modified. Sure their extreme music took the audience by surprise, but after 2 or 3 songs everyone joined in the party and the moshpit was in full swing again.
As for the performance, let's just say that it's really impressive how much 'noise' three guys can do on a stage. Especially these three, happy to be there, and giving everything in the name of grind!

Now that's a band who have an awesome live reputation, as can confirm all those who saw them at Hellfest in 2008 (I didn't).
Icon, their last and best-loved album, just left me indifferent. But, I was curious, as I seem to enjoy my brutal death live and not on albums.
And there's just one word to describe it: AWESOME. It's all about raw energy (plenty of it), aggressive and technical top-notch music, complete craziness on-stage and in the pit. Well, brutal death mayhem, that's it, as people went onstage at Julien's invitation, and then there were crowdsurfers aplenty.
These guys are definitively at home on stage, with a crazy audience responding to them. A final proof? Both Eric (bass) and Julien (vocals) went crowdsurfing too during the set!
Without doubt the best part of the evening.

Ultra Vomit
Awaited by a lot of the audience, some even had ducks ready for this famous song... Once again they were good, fun and stupid - yes, it is a compliment!
It's probably me, but I didn't enjoy their show as much as usual. Maybe it's because they were tired (they gave a show in the early afternoon near Paris, and that's two shows the same day with 600 km between both). Or maybe it's because playing just after Benighted is one hell of a challenge.
Anyway it was good, with a lot of classics, some new stuff, and Ju from Manimal (and Psykup too) singing on the anthem "Je Collectionne des Canards Vivants"

So yes, a fucking great metal evening it was! Audience, bands, organisation, all made it a great moment, despite Brice's injury (yes, Manimal's drummer)...
Cheers to everyone involved!


Written on 19.11.2009 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.

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