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The Crown interview (10/2003)

With: Magnus [Bass]
Conducted by: Jeff (Des666) &amp
Published: 13.10.2003

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The Crown

A few days before the release of their sixth album Possessed 13, a real self-tribute to their career, The Crown have agreed to answer a few questions about their 13-year long career, as well as about their hopefully glorious future:

1: About the comeback Of Johan Lindstrand. Was it planned that Tomas Lindberg would only record an album with The Crown?

No it was not planned, but it was the way it turned out.

2: Did this line-up change have an influence on the song writing of Possessed 13?

No, not really, since the singers don't write any of the music. But the mighty Return of Doktor Johann Von Frankenstein was probably a factor in why we went back to our musical roots on this album.

3: What have been your influences for this new album? Through the lyrics, is there a personal message?

This album has been a bit of a sum-up of our whole career. And that has been very inspiring for me, to really try to pin-point down our own sound. Digging deep into the past for old unused, but never forgotten riffs. In search of that precious spark that possessed us from the very beginning.
To the lyrics; they are in 3 parts: In the first Initiation part, the lyrics deal with confrontations with Death, both real and fictional. To make myself and others aware of death have always been central to my lyrics. Kind of the introduction to my thinking. The second Exaltation part are more of a spiritual and mystic nature and have, at least for me, a very powerful and positive message. The Annihilation part deals firstly with the meaninglessness in the world (Zombiefied!) and then with finding your own hope, joy and meaning in both your life and in your death (Dawn of Emptiness).And that's probably the whole message: - Finding your own true will and the strength to follow it.

4: How was the studio recording of the album? Some anecdotes?

It was highly enjoyable, we had a very good vibe where we mostly just did everything with a smile, keeping out that Evil Studio Pressure from knocking on our doors. The producer Patrik is just a natural born entertainer, he made us laugh and feel relaxed. And that made us work better and more efficient I guess... - It was all very fun anyhow.
There are 3 different studios in one. And in one of these there were these guys who always sneaked up on how the Fredman dudes did their stuff. So we put up microphones in very secret and impossible places around the guitar amps and stuff, to really make them wonder. And also both Dimmu Borgir and Zyklon was there finishing their albums when we were there. - Good anecdotes huh?

5: Have you had echoes from the press or the fans about the new album?

Yeah , there have starting to come on some. And they've all been great. So we are very excited about having the album released soon.

6: Possessed 13 is your sixth album... How would you qualify the evolution of The Crown so far?

I think we both have sticked to our guns AND developed on the same time. But it's hard to say from the inside, you guys probably think everything sounds like the same old CROWN shit...

7: Are you going to promote the new album, playing live around the world? When, where?

Yes, so far there are only European dates confirmed in November. But there are plans to conquer the whole world. Watch out!
Check out our website: for a lot more tighter info.

8: What did you think of the fans´ reactions during The Crowned in Terror tour? Who, for you, is the best public?

True fans are always great no matter where we play. It is always very surprising to us that we actually have FANS. We always think that no one knows us, and the kids who show up just do it for some other band or something. But on these CROWNED IN TERROR tours we've done with both Tomas and Johan we have had the opportunity to headline for the first time, and there have actually been people paying to see US! Which is amazing to start with, and that these people also know our songs, sing along, bang their heads, thrash all around, acting like maniacs etc... Is just too much to grasp. A large percentage also seems like really intelligent cool kids when you talk to them. THE CROWN has truly an amazing grace of fans.

9: What do you think about the Scandinavian metal scene of today? Could some new bands get the same recognition as their elders?

It is very hard for new metal bands, and Scandinavia is still probably better than most places. -Hell, we are still looked upon as pretty new and we've been playing for 13 years! So I think it is very hard to get the same recognition as the older bands. But if you create something really new and unique there are no older bands, -you are the first one!

10: According to your personal experience, what would you advise a young band that is just starting in metal music?

Quit! It is not worth it! This is only for those who HAVE to do it. For the possessed who have no other choice or option...and they do not take advice.

11: Maybe one last word for the fans?

All right Fans! Rock on! And check out POSSESSED 13! Hope you'll like it! If so - see you on the road!
Take it easy!
(that's probably more than one word, right?)


Thanks to Marcus for his answers and time and to M10 for their precious and appreciated help.


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