Into Eternity - Buried In Oblivion (Song by Song)

With: Tim Roth
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 26.03.2004

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Into Eternity
Album info: Buried In Oblivion

01. Splintered Visions
02. Embraced By Desolation
03. Three Dimensional Aperture
04. Beginning Of The End
05. Point Of Uncertainty
06. Spiraling Into Depression
07. Isolation
08. Buried In Oblivion
09. Black Sea Of Agony
10. Morose Seclusion

01. Splintered Visions:
This is my favorite track on the album. I can't believe the band let me rip a guitar solo to start the song! Ha-ha. It really has every element of the band... big guitar solos, clean vocals, death vocals, blasting drums, a big chorus and an Iron Maiden type harmony ending. The lyrics have to do with altering your perception with pill drugs. We aren't a drug type of band, but it was a cool topic to write about.

02. Embraced By Desolation:
I dig this song because it Rob's (guitar) and I first song that we did the solo trade off thing. Growing up I loved when bands like Megadeth and Iron Maiden would do that sort of thing. The song starts with a really off-time riff and then gets heavy right away. It also has a catchy chorus that people can sing along with. The lyrics are fairly bleak and of course display despair and desolation.

03. Three Dimensional Aperture:
This was the first song that Rob and I wrote together for the album. We are really proud of this one. The chorus riff was the first thing that was made up and then out of nowhere we created the guitar harmonies over it. This was also a first for us in the vocal department. Chris (vocals), Rob and I all take a line each in the verses, sung in death. It's like one big trade off vocal duel. It's great to have everyone involved. I'm really happy with the chorus. It's one of my favorites on the album. Rob wrote the lyrics for this song.

04. Beginning Of The End:
We are working on making a video for it. The song stars with a big groove that catches the ear right away. The lyrics basically talk about the end of the world, the Armageddon. Chris and I trade off the verses in this one. He starts it with a low growl for his lines and I do mine in that high screeching voice. This one also has a good chorus to it. My favorite part is the solo section. It has Rob and I battling each other again Ha-ha.

05. Point Of Uncertainty:
I wrote the lyrics about a guy that screwed over the band at one point. That was my inspiration anyway. The song starts with some weird symmetrical harmonized scales and then kicks in to an off-time heavy riff. We tried to make a more compact song and not a ten minute epic! It's cool that we did it in just over 3 minutes. It's hard to try and edit ideas.

06. Spiraling Into Depression:
Century Media chose this song as the first sort of single. It was actually the second last song written. I like the words I came up with. It's all pretty self explanatory, heavy words that deal with depression. I think everyone has felt that way one way or another. I guess this is a more commercial sounding song compared to the rest. Chris and I did the trade off thing again with the vocals, only this time it was with the clean style. Again I like the strong chorus in this song.

07. Isolation:
This was the first heavy song written for this disc. I wanted to go for a heavy progressive song. The riffs are all almost off-time and not in a standard 4/4 pattern. The lyrics deal with a guy I knew who would almost never leave his apartment. I wrote the words as his apartment is like his prison cell. It goes over well live.

08. Buried In Oblivion:
Well this song is actually combined with Black Sea of Agony. This is the part 1 of it. We thought it would be different to include an all acoustic track. Most of the tunes are so heavy and this shows that we could do other styles if we so choose to. It starts off with a nice acoustic solo before the haunting verses. Basically it deals with the weight of the world becoming too much to bear. Pretty depressive lyrics again, which fits the mood of the music. It also has a neat little classical piece in the middle of the song and a string section.

09. Black Sea Of Agony:
Buried in Oblivion continues here into this tune. The goal was to have 2 songs joined to create a big epic type of song. This was the first time we had ever done that. There is a lot going on in this song. Lots of peaks, valleys and solos all over! The chorus in Buried in Oblivion appears twice on this track. I'm really happy with the neoclassical interlude in the middle of the song.

10. Morose Seclusion:
Rob wrote this song actually. It concludes the album. I guess it could be considered the third part to the previous two songs. We just recently played this song live for the first time. Rob sat on a chair with an acoustic and Chris and I just sang with a microphone each. The lighters instantly were all over the club. It was quite a thing to see!



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Well no-one commented on this before. This album is out of this world. Perfect.

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