The Great Deceiver - Terra Incognito (Song by Song)

With: Tomas Lindberg
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 18.03.2004

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The Great Deceiver
Album info: Terra Incognito

01. Today
02. We-The Dead
03. Lake Of Sulphur
04. From Bereavement To Resgination
05. Marathon Man
06. The Heel On The Throat Of The Young
07. Faust In Exile
08. Forward/Willing/Sickness
09. Conspiracy Theorist
10. Worm Of Truth

This was the first song finished for the album, it was written as a strong opener and a very strong includes all the basic ingredients of a classic tgd-tune, the groove, the haunting melodies etc..the lyrics to the song is inspired from the artist/photographer Victor Burgin and a piece of his entitled "today is the tomorrow you were promised yesterday"...portraying a grey,bleak suburban street, it´s cynical and very dark...a very strong political song.
in general , i like to not give away too much about the lyrics, because they are written to make people reflect and find their own interpretations on what they are about...cause i´ve always felt that has more power to it, that way the message sticks in your head more.....

We- the dead is the song on the album that is closest to the stuff we were doing on the last album, also very rythmical, with a punchy chorus...the lyrics to this monster are poised with aversion to what man is doing to the environment, we - the dead. we - the apathetic, we - the selfish...etc...there´s also alot of influense from the post-modernist art of paul delvaux in the language of the song...i´ve become more into art recently and i try to portray as much feeling as a good painting into all my songs these days,on this tune there´s alot of biblical references and metaphores, something i got into in the writing process of the album, somewhat remniscent of what we did with "after us the flood" on the last album.

The video-song, alot of bowie going on in my head while penning this one, another dark picture of the
not too distant future, what i like most with this track is that it is catchy as hell while still being so dissonant in its
harmonies....the killing joke/voivod feel to the guitars etc...i think patrick ulleaus is a great video-director as he managed to catch exactly the essence and feeling of this very dark tune...alot of fucked-up noise/guitar effects is introduced more heavily this time around, something we always had a love for.....i read james joyce while penning this one, so there´s alot of that insanity bleeding through, alot of cut and paste lyric-writing

Every tgd-album has to have at least one fast hardcore blast, and I think this is our strongest assault yet,
downtuned discharge/early death metal aggression teams up with screeeching dissonant post-hardcore violence,
personally i think tgd could put out an album wrth of this kind of material, and we would love to do it, it´s just that we have so much other directions we want to take this band in...but we can´t keep our hands off the brutality, it´s in our blood so to say...the lyrics are , to me at least, pretty self-exlanatory, mankind is drunk at the wheel and speeding straight into fucking armageddon....again, check out the paintings of robert longo and his descriptions of modern day hell....

Have you seen the film? i know that it on the surface looks like a normal 70´s thriller/action, but i think that it
is more to it than that, there´s a lot of social comment underneath...personally i gave the story a bit of a twist and tried to write a song with the same kind of feeling as the movie...a perfected man, locked to the target of success and
wealth, that nothing could stop...we try to explain too much, there´s theories for everything, but what about just living? the music ows alot to one of our favourite bands Godflesh!

Another strong chorus, another dive into shoegazing hell....our tribute to jesus and the mary chain!
a dark pop song that i think could be another live-favourite, in general we have been trying to write more for the live-format this time around, as we toured alot on the last record and noticed what goes down best live...after reading alot of camus and sartre i came up with the idea of writing a song about what exactly we will leave for our ancestors, as i myself am a proud father, this is of course an issue that concerns me alot...the title, though , is inspired by russian poet majakovskij.

We wrote this one with strong focus on dynamics, a scary almost stalking verse that explodes into a aggressive yet catchy chorus, this one is the scary one on the album, if you´ve read "faust" by goethe and listened to the more fucked up tracks on "exile on main street" by rolling stones at the same time you should have gotten the same feeling in your stomach as you will get from listening to this least that is what i was trying at....

Written solely around rhythms at first, this is a groove-monster and it developed into a beast beyond all control as we entered the studio, dark and massive...enter dystopia with this one in your walkman and you´ll be fine...hell can´t get darker than this, our most expierimental moment yet, and this is something we want to explore more in the future...

A noisecore/industrial rock-out, somehow similar to "destroy/adore" on the last album...this one is based around an idea I once had for a novel about a secret, underground society of conspiracy theorists that in the end take over the world...using the same technique of subliminal messages and indoctrination that have been used on them for so interesting thought? anyway, this might be the most "intellectual" song on the album, but it sure is a grower....

Another more pop-orientated song proved to be the ultimate closer to the album, another round of bowie/joy division harmonies and a real sad feeling to it. lyrics deal with media and the control it has ...a little bit of arabian feel to some of the harmonies together with heavy rhythm guitars and another round of perfected rhythmic abuse from ulf scott....we wanted to do another rock song with strong hooks as a closer, to round things up.....anyway , thanx for listening and i sure hope that you discover evn more in these songs than i´ve already given away.....reflect !


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