Astral Doors - Of The Son And The Father (Song by Song)

With: Patrik Johansson [Vocals]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 18.05.2004

Band profile:

Astral Doors
Album info: Of The Son And The Father

01. Cloudbreaker
02. Of The Son And The Father
03. Hungry People
04. Slay The Dragon
05. Ocean Of Sand
06. In Prison For Life
07. The Trojan Horde (The Trojan Horse)
08. Burn Down The Wheel
09. Night Of The Witch
10. Rainbow In Your Mind
11. Man On The Rock

1. Cloudbreaker:
A real kick ass rocker in the true spirit of hard rock'n'roll.
It's about the terror-attack against the world trade center.

2. Of the Son And the Father:
This is our version of heavy classics such as "Heaven and hell" or "Headless cross". A kind of dark song, telling 'bout some evil priests.

3. Hungry People:
Straight forward metal. I like it a lot!

4. Slay the Dragon:
Heavy metal meets Boogie woogie, hehe. Brutal vocals. Kind of angry.

5. Ocean of Sand:
Oriental influences on this one. Melodic and pretty fast.

6. In Prison for Life:
A very heavy song 'bout a guy on the wrong side of the law.

7. The Trojan Horde (The Trojan horse):
One of my favourites on the album. If you're into classic Sabbath-songs, you'll love this one….

8. Burn Down the Wheel:
A fast one. Burn down the WHEEL is a classic fast hardrock-song.

9. Night of the Witch:
A song about witch hunting and our fear for people that are different from the rest.

10. Rainbow in Your Mind:
A bit of Deep Purple on this one I'd say. Kind of melodic!

11. Man on the Rock:
This is a rocker, hehe. Not much to say, just bang your head!


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