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Trepalium - Through The Absurd (Song by Song)

With: Kéké (vocals), Harun (guitar), Ludo (bass)
Conducted by: wrathchild
Published: 15.09.2004

Band profile:

Album info: Through The Absurd

01. Paranoïd
02. Martyr
03. Necropolis
04. Through The Absurd
05. The Worst
06. Filthy Carcass
07. Backstabber
08. Machine
09. Savage
10. Escape To Death
11. Pain's Threshold
12. Coalesce To Suffer
13. Salvation
+ Necropolis [Live video clip]

Kéké :
Paranoïd ; as the title says, it's a song about paranoia telling how you become frightened by what surrounds you, how the world can turn into a target, a prey, if you don't pay attention.

Martyr ; this song talks about the relations of domination pushed to the extreme to feel a more intensive pleasure. It's the story of a guy who tortures his victim while he's persecuting him/her, explaining why he's doing it and what he feels.

Necropolis ; those lyrics are quite personal… One day one of my pals that had been institutionalized told me what happened to him, and this song is the vision he had. He was walking in a city and saw dead people surrounding him...

Harun :
About Through The Absurd ; the lyrics tell about a depressive guy deeply thinking about madness and everything that it can provoke (suicide, confinement, etc.)... it's quite personal

Machine ; this interlude evokes in a way this tension that a headcase can feel…It's a hypnotic rhythmic loop which slightly goes out of sync, overhanged by a dreary chill... this contrast gives the impression that it's boiling with energy without fading... a bit like if the person was forever stuck in his/her own tortured universe...

Kéké :
The Worst ; it's a thought about the worst that could happen to us. If, like some religions keep on claiming, God was back on Earth to save us, I think he would be a dictator. Becoming aware of the powers he has, it would be his only choice.

Filthy Carcass ; it tells about a feeling of anguish, a fear, of a man who wakes up in the dark in the middle of a cold and dark place and, while searching where he is, he realizes he's in a coffin.

Backstabber ; this song is a bit like a threat towards the opportunists who govern us. It tells the story of someone whose ambition is the power. For all his life long, that he works to have it and when he gets it, he realizes that he doesn't know what to do of this power. That's why he does all that the people are expecting, manipulating them wit the Medias at the same time. He gives them what he has them wanting.

Escape To Death ; one more lil' frightening tale… the sad story of a dream which turns to reality. Someone dreams that he/she's dying, but wakes up in bed filled of blood, and understands that it was everything but a dream.

Pain's Threshold ; apology of torture and of the time of acting out ; in these lyrics are the ideas and the manual of madness.

Coalesce To Suffer ; a very morbid story.. Love is everybody's hope, assassinating it and turning this hope into something horrible was a real pleasure. In Coalesce To Suffer I tell about a carnal relation, very intensive love, where the guy has so much love for his beloved that he sew himself to her while penetrating her, and do this to the point where he comes and let himself die linked to his mistress.

Ludo :
Concerning Savage, there are no lyrics, apart from Joe's intervention (Gojira) who, with only 3 sentences, succeeded in transcribing the atmosphere of the song. That's more than enough, we found that screaming is a very good way to express savageness, above all when Sylvain (drums) is yelling like an animal.

Regarding Salvation, this last instrumental track evokes peace within, the acceptance of one's own folly, and live in harmony with it. It's a bit like sadomasochism, happinness through suffering.


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