Celesty - Legacy Of Hate (Song by Song)

With: Antti Railio [Vocals]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 05.10.2004

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Album info: Legacy Of Hate

01. Intro
02. Unbreakable
03. Dream
04. Breed From The Land Unknown
05. Army Of The Universe
06. Settlement
07. Shelter
08. Legacy Of Hate Part I
09. Legacy Of Hate Part II
10. Wickedness Act [Japanese bonus]

01. Intro:

Well this gives the introduction about what is coming.... like a "dawn of the battle" thing...it starts and ends softly but then....

02. Unbreakable

....Unbreakable Blows right at your face!!!! This is very powerful song and has massive choirs on the chorus. A perfect way of starting this album. I recommend you to listen this song, and after this, buy the album

03. Dream

This is quite different song than the unbreakable; it gives different contrast to the album, and slows down a bit. Quite fast riff and great choirs in the C-part.

04. Breed from the Land Unknown

A very powerful and POWER song. The first song in the album that introduces the "dark vocals" in the bridge. Fast song with fast guitar riffing, and solos.

05. Army of the Universe

Very Epic and a bit progressive song. This is where the battle is about to begin. This has choirs also and dark vocals and female vocals.... EVERYTHING. Very powerful horns on the riff in the beginning.

06. Settlement

Very Progressive and Very different song from the others. Lots of dark vocals, and a massive choir chorus that goes down from minor to major in very weird scale. You neither like this song or you'll LOVE THIS SONG! Very melodic C-part in the end throws you away!!!!!

07. Shelter

After Settlement, this is a soft landing back to the scene of power metal after. This is a song I suggest that the fans of Stratovarius listen, very melodic and "simple" song, but although very catchy and powerful chorus! (This is probably the only song why someone compare us to sonata or Strato! but can ANYONE HONESTLY SAY that for example Settlement or Army of the Universe sounds like Strato or Sonata???????)

08-09 Legacy of Hate part 1 and Part 2

There is 4 parts in this song...every part is connected to each other and the choruses, riffs, solos everything! combined to a massive epic song full with power and speed! I cant tell you anything about this more...you should listen these two songs and JUST ENJOY! You suddenly notice a cool chorus and want to hear it again, and then another blows directly at you and you just keep listening for more and more...and after this song.... you just push the PLAY and want to listen the album again!

10. Wickedness Act

Ok...it is always lyrically hard to write bonus songs because of the story, so this lyrically tells about the few years in between of "Reign" and "Legacy" but the song is very "oriental" (in my opinion) and I this is Japan only bonus. So it is harder to others to find this unless they order the album as IMPORT. This song is EXTREMELY FAST!



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