Helltrain - Route 666 (Song by Song)

With: Pierre Törnkvist - Vocals, Guitars
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 26.10.2004

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Album info: Route 666

01. Route 666
02. The Helltrain Coven
03. S.O.S.
04. Afterglow
05. Polizei
06. Sleepless
07. Tombstone
08. Kingsize
09. Rot'n'Roll
10. Rat Pack
11. Helltrain

1.Route 666
Sort of the Helltrain version of ¡§Higway to hell¡¨. Lots of irony and dark humour in it, a chorus part that goes: ¡§I am the bastard son, evil inborn, satan in tip-top, from head to toe, just look at me sense my blitz, down riding route 666¡¨

2.The helltrain coven
A song made especially for live appearances. The chorus sticks with you right from the start. The title was inspired by Mercyful Fate¡¦s ¡§Into the coven¡¨

A song about life in general, sometimes you¡¦ve got to gamble to win. Go by yourself and trust your inner self, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

Another song about the reality of life, there¡¦s no such thing as heaven. Life is difficult, choose your own ways.

A lyric with a real-life connection. There was this big riot in Gothenburg, Sweden, due to a EU meeting. The discussion afterwards was about who¡¦s fault it was, the kids who threw rocks at the police or the police who shot at the kids? No one asked about why it was a riot in the first place, maybe due to these fat fucks who earn fifteen times a normal worker¡K

A song about the search for freedom ¡V about not living life tied up by others. About doing the best of your time on earth.

About the emptiness one can feel with everyday life, people just walk around like robots, staring ¡V doing the same things over and over again.

Just a pure metal lyric, no real meaning behind it at all. Just some fuck off devil shit.

9.Rot n roll
A bit flirting with old metal, ¡§I¡¦ve laid down my soul to the gods rot n roll¡¨. In general a fuck you metal lyric ¡V don¡¦t mess with us¡K º

Spins further on the fuck-you concept in the previous ones. A bit humour in it as well: ¡§Fuck you and your holy crew¡¨

About being on the Helltrain, dancing and partying with the devil



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