Misery Inc. - Yesterday's Grave (Song by Song)

With: Janne Tolonen [Guitars]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 01.12.2004

Band profile:

Misery Inc.
Album info: Yesterday's Grave

01. Suicide Serenade
02. Darkness
03. Life Ain't Fair
04. Dilemma
05. No More
06. Through The Dark
07. Darkest Night
08. Prayer
09. Share My Madness
10. Fade Away

01. Suicide Serenade:
Teemu (our lead guitarist) composed this tune. Really great opener and works fine at live. I can't remember what I was thinking while I wrote the lyrics but I guess it wasn't anything important

02. Darkness:
This is one of my favourite songs on the album. It just works, I can't explain it any better. The words are what they are… I don't know

03. Life Ain't Fair:
This one doesn't work on stage at all. Pretty ordinary slow song. Great singing by Jukkis here, the way to go!
The lyrics have written right after we had a little fight with my girlfriend (now she is my wife and mother of my daughter )

04. Dilemma:
This tune have this Sentenced influence but this is much faster and harder than their songs in general. I like this one too; the lyrics are quite good also.

05. No More:
This song have this trash atmosphere which we have a lot more in our new stuff. Quite old song, I would say that Metallica has influenced a lot to this one…
The lyrics are about junkie whore….

06. Through the Dark:
This is really old one. I wrote this 1999 for my previous band. Here is true hit potential!
Quite appealing chorus I must say. I really can't remember what lyrics are handling about….

07. Darkest Night:
This is the first song we played together with Misery Inc. Basic heavy song. Nice chorus.
There isn't any story behind this one….

08. Prayer
Really old one too. Quite far from the stuff we are playing nowadays…

09. Share My Madness:
I like this one really. We wrote this two weeks before we entered to the studio and result is great. This is really worth checking out!

10. Fade Away
This is how Metallica should sound these days. Well, don't worry, we show it now!
The old South Bay Area- song. I like this one much, really much.


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