Voyager interview (12/2004)

With: Emanuel Rudnicki [Guitars]
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 14.12.2004

Band profile:


- The traditional first question for the newcomers, could you introduce Voyager, and can you present the members of the band to our readers?

- Hi we're Voyager and we are from one the most isolated cities in the world. Perth, Western Australia. The band cosists of Danile Estrin on vocals/keyboards, Mark De Vattimo on guitars, Geoff Callaghan on drums, Melissa Fiocco on bass, and myself, also on guitars.

- Tell us a bit about your first album "Element V". Some songs like "Cosmic Armageddon" are divided in two parts for example, does your album is like a concept album? (If yes, what's the topic of this story?)

- Well, we wanted to do something different - something with different styles, and I think we have come close to acheiveing something like we wanted. We concentrated on non-cliched arrangements and strong melodies and hopefully we created an album which other people than us can enjoy. The album is not a concept album, as such, but there is a slight concept of starting again on the album.

- Like a lot of young bands, you seem not to have the will to be easily classified in one single genre, as you mix a lot of various elements. How do you define your music?

- We are all influenced by many different genres, and we wanted to use things from each genre that we though would sound good with our music. I guess we are a bit of a mix of everything, but I think we'll be closer to finding our sound on the next album or two.

- What is your feeling when you read all the great feedbacks on "Element V"? Is it not a bit "incredible" for your eyes?

- It's great!! I loved reading great reviews on my favourite bands when I was growing up, and to be placed alongside bands that I admire on webpages/magazines is a dream come true.

- We all know that DVS is one of the best labels to find some little jewels all over the world, but how did an Aussie band end up signing with this label?

- I'm not too sure how it happened now - my memory is kinda shaky on that subject, but I have a sneaky suspicion it had something to do with the internet. It's a great tool for getting your band name out there.

"Element V", the first album of the band through the Dutch Label DVS Records

- To follow the way of the precedent question, what are the advantages for you to be signed with a European label?

- It's easier for us to have someone there in the European scene, because they are there, know what's happening there, and more importantly, know who to talk to.

- If I'm not wrong, "Element V" was released first as an auto-production. This is not a really "new" album, and I suppose that some new songs are already ready? Am I wrong? Will you start to work on a new album soon?

- "Element V" was released already here in Australia, so no it's not really a brand new album. And yes you are right, we have a handful of new songs already. We are writing for a new album, which already is sounding much more mature than "Element V" and hopefully we can go into the studio in mid 2005 and record.

- When I listen to your music, I have no doubts that you all must be very open minded, and I'm sure that you not only listen to Metal. Which bands have influenced you, and what are your favourite artists? (Metal or not)

- The other guys in the band have a strong affinity for jazz music. They are also getting into the European metal scene in either the Power, Prog or Black metal. Mark is also into a lot of the old rock bands, and some of us are also into AOR bands and 80's hair stuff. I'm pretty influenced by the Euro power metal scene, as well as guys like Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen and Malmsteen. Right now I seem to can't get enough of Toto.

- What is your feeling concerning Metal in Australia. How is the Metal scene there? It seems that you have a lot of "brutal" bands.. Is it not to hard for you to have success in your own country?

- It's hard for me to judge as the Australian metal scene is way on the other side of the country. We do have a lot of brutal bands, and some I think are enjoying a bit of mild success...

- What are you up to now? Have you plain to tour out of Australia? Maybe we will have a chance to see you in Europe or America?

- Right now we are writing new material - we would love to do a tour of Australia, and a tour of Europe would be a dream come true, but of course it all depends on finances and demand.

- Thanks a lot for this interview, let me say to you good luck for your future Now, if you have anything to say to our readers. That's your turn...

- Thanks for the opportunity to talk!! :-)

Check out the album "Element V" and hopefully you can find something on there that you do like. A big thanks to anyone that supports the bands, and a big thanks to DVS Records for taking us on!!

Emanuel Rudnicki.



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