Equilibrium - Demo 2003 review


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Band: Equilibrium
Album: Demo 2003
Release date: 2003

01. Wigrid
02. Nach dem Winter
03. Unter der Eiche
04. Met
05. Heimdalls Ruf
06. Die Prophezeiung
07. Nordheim
08. Outro

From the murky forests and sinister moors of Bavaria, Equilibrium offer us their Demo, cleverly entitled "Demo 2003", I must say that I receive Demos a lot, and is ok, 'cus I like reviewing demos and the thought that one of my reviews could make a band ink a record deal, is exciting, and who knows maybe one of them already did.

Anyway, Equilibrium gives us 8 tracks (well, actually 5 real songs since 3 are short instrumentals, oh, and the eight song doesn't figure on the tracklist) of Viking Metal, did they achieve this task? Did they evoke ancient times of pillage and plunder under northern seas with their music? Well, one thing's for sure, they put a lot of effort on it.

A nice intro starts the record, then a pretty energetic shriek starts the album, the song is called "Nach Dem Winter" and is singed in German, like all the album. The formula is quite simple and catchy here, epic melodies, keyboards creating atmosphere, double bass, and both growl and shriek vocals.
"Under Der Eiche" begins with a excellent aperture, and builds to this fantastic Folk piece, keyboards play an important role in this one. "Met" could be easily mistaken with a Fintroll song, the accordion and the polka rhythms reminded me a lot of them. "Heimdalls Ruf" is an instrumental shortie, and the best one of the three in the demo, I mean, this song sounds like it has been taken from Vangelis "1492" soundtrack, after that 2 more songs follow, the mid-paced "Die Prophezeiung" and the catchy "Nordheim", then the hidden outro marks the culmination of the demo.

Some of the things that surprised me was the superb production on this demo, it sounds very tight and crisp, the cover art is ok, but nothing extraordinary, the band counts with 6 members which 2 of them are ladies and by the bandpic, they must be very young.

This was really a pleasant experience, Equlibrium shows real talent here, and I don't think that they will have problems finding a record deal. So, if you like Viking Metal with great atmosphere and Folk outbursts check these guys out. Slowly I reach for my pocket and place my bet on Equlibrium.

Written by Undercraft | 12.08.2005



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25.09.2009 - 12:36
Heaven Knight
Though demo, the tracks are already nice and the future showed the expectations was right
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

19.07.2011 - 04:13
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
One of the best demos here

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