Morgana - Rose Of Jericho review

Band: Morgana
Album: Rose Of Jericho
Release date: June 2011

01. Alive...
02. Love Me the Way I Am
03. Golden Hours
04. Lady Winter
05. 610
06. Bang Bang [Sonny Bono cover]
07. I Will Not Turn Back
08. How Do You Feel
09. ... And Kickin'
10. Lady Winter [acoustic version]

Morgana? "Rose Of Jericho"? A girl on the cover? Derivative female-fronted gothic-y stuff, right? Well, hum, no. This is some old school hard-rock/heavy metal. Good news, don't you think? Quite sadly, no, as it's actually pretty lame.

Shit, I've spoiled the suspense already.

Morgana Delaude herself seems to be a legend in the Italian scene of old hard-rock/heavy metal; it's a pretty easy guess to say she always had ladies like Lita Ford, Cher (see the "Bang Bang" cover - it's a classic Sonny Bono song, which the guy wrote for his wife Cher back in 1966), and probably Doro too, as idols. She released a few demos, EPs and albums at various points during the last 25 years -that's a long story made short here. Now, this Rose Of Jericho is her new release, after many years out of the music business. So, "Love Me Way I Am"? Why not, but it's a definite no-go for the music, however. Almost all the album is boring, tedious, and drags itself through drowsy mid-tempo stuff. The songs (written by Tolmmy Talamanca from Sadist) are quite uninteresting, I must say, except maybe "Golden Hours", which is easily the best one out there: it's catchy, with a bit of aggression thrown in, and the singing is more soulful (and powerful) than everywhere else. Plus Morgana doesn't lisp here, compared to most other songs - just check "Lady Winter" if you don't believe me. I don't know if it's a production trick or whatever, but it worsens the whole stuff - which already didn't need that.

I can't compare to her earlier works, but this CD is obviously not worthy of anyone considered to be a "Metal Queen" back in the eighties. It lacks power, emotion, even the singing is barely above average. Fans of the style should give it a try, just in case, but all in all they'd better be listening a Lita Ford album, for example.


Written on 05.01.2012 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.


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05.01.2012 - 13:50
Learning To "X"
Will avoid.
"There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors."
05.01.2012 - 16:36
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by Milena on 05.01.2012 at 13:50

Will avoid.

you always beat me

I will also avoid, i'm not too huge a fan of heavy (unless RJD's in it) or gothic.
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05.01.2012 - 18:23
Good review it definitely took away any desire of giving it a try... Although I'd never heard of her, so maybe I'll try with her earlier stuff... Then again, maybe not, I'm just too lazy xD

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