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Band: Orange Goblin
Album: Coup De Grace
Release date: June 2002

01. Your World Will Hate This
02. Monkey Panic
03. Rage Of Angels
04. Made Of Rats [feat. John Garcia]
05. Whiskey Leech
06. Getting High On The Bad Times
07. Graviton
08. Red Web
09. Born With Big Hands
10. Jesus Beater [feat. John Garcia]
11. We Bite [Misfits cover]
12. Stinkin' O' Gin
13. Untitled

Well, this was disappointing. Do I like it at all? Short answer, no. For a longer answer, Coup De Grace, while not being completely terrible, is however forgettable and made no impression on me at all.

The sound is pretty basic: thick, mid-paced and distorted riffs of the same flavour you would get from pretty much any other stoner metal band. Harsh, shouty male vocals, also of the same flavour. You're beginning to notice the pattern here, right?

Coup De Grace isn't a bad album, it just doesn't do very much to set Orange Goblin apart from any other bands of the same genre. It has some nice riffs here and there, most notably in "Rage Of Angels" and shows some moments of slow, hazy, chilled out ambiance in for example, "Gravitation", but overall this album is essentially background music. "Whiskey Leech" is a perfect example of a very generic, southern metal track that you can expect to hear in an old, grimey biker/trucker bar as, you guessed it, background music. Unfortunately the rest of the album follows this same pattern. Honestly every single time I listened to Coup De Grace, most of the album simply passed by me. In fact as I write this review I find it difficult to remember much of the album at all. Sure it has energy and an overall solid performance by Orange Goblin, but it just doesn't stand out very much.

If you're a fan of either Orange Goblin or stoner metal in general, I'd say the band have better albums to check out. Otherwise, there isn't much to see here.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 4
Originality: 3
Production: 8

Written by DelightfulJim | 23.01.2012


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23.01.2012 - 03:29
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

I dont mind this album, I'd personally give it a 7-7.5.
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