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Band: Sigh
Album: Gallows Gallery
Release date: October 2005

01. In A Drowse
02. Confession To Be Buried
03. Pale Monument
04. Gavotte Grim
05. Midnight Sun
06. The Enlightenment Day
07. Silver Universe
08. Messiahplan
09. The Tranquilizer Song

Sigh is one of the most original bands in this planet, the originality of the compositions and the genius song-writing of music virtuoso Mirai Kawashima has earned a well-gained reputation to this Japanese outfit.
They began as a Black Metal band and then they moved onto more experimental territories, gaining notoriety with their previous album "Imaginary Soundscapes" back in 2001.

The new album has mixed feeling all over, the first thing you notice is that the Black Metal shrieks are gone and clean vocals (layered and run through vocoders) take the lead on this album.
Much has been talked about the production, about how it's inappropriate and how it was designed to piss the Mp3 sharers on the net (supposedly the Candlelight version has better sound).

Yes, the album has a lot detractors, but that doesn't take away the fact that this album is truly unique and amazing. Songs are catchy as hell and they feature SO many instruments in each, you'll find instruments such as saxophones, theremin, minimoog, sitar, tabla, gong, glockenspiel, clavinet, Tibetan bells, among others.
A lot of guest stars also, you'll find members of Yakuza, Necrophagia, Dark Tranquillity, The Red Chord, Meads Of Asphodel and others.

Detractors of the album are missing the main point, songs are good. Really good. Just listen songs like "Silver Universe", "In A Drowse", "Confessions To Be Buried" and the experimental "The Tranquilizer Song" (is been a long while since I've heard someone using a theremin), and you'll understand why this album is so unique.

This release has a spot earned for one of the most amazing, original and catchy albums of the year. The production is not a big issue when you have such great songs, not to mention the impeccable artwork and layout.

A must try for anyone trying to find something different in the oversaturated Metal scene nowadays. Awesome album.

Written by Undercraft | 09.11.2005


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