Darkseed - Give Me Light

01. Dancing With The Lion
02. Cold
03. Echoes Of Tomorrow
04. Cosmic Shining
05. Journey To The Spirit World
06. Give Me Light
07. Fusion
08. Flying Together
09. Echoes Of Tomorrow [acoustic version]
10. Spiral Of Mystery
11. Desire

Darkseed is a gothic metal act from Germany harmonizing beautifully elements coming from the 80s from the dark scene, generally speaking, with a heavy metal feeling.

After the heavier and more aggressive "Midnight Solemny Dance" and "Spellcraft" and two years after the last one was released, Darkseed returned with "Give Me Light", a more melodic and easier to approach album. Heavy metal feeling, through a more fragile prism though, enriched with elements from the dark wave/synth pop scene of the 80s, elements more obvious in the use of the keyboards and the utterly clean vocals, is what Darkseed offer with "Give Me Light" and they do it in an inspired way. And in the corner lie slight or more intense electro references in their overall sound here and there, making their compositions more affected.

The guitar work is inspired, whether the sound of the guitars is more acoustic or more heavy and distorted. Fragile acoustic guitar chords make the atmosphere more emotional whereas the heavier riffing makes the compositions more upbeat and groovy and it seems that the guitar passages have been placed almost all the times in the ideal moment. The heavy metal oriented solos when they make their appearance they adorn the song in a beautiful melodic way. The use of the keyboards and the electronics is wise, if I may say, and they evoke the ideal atmosphere for the compositions making the emotions that the band wants to evoke more vivid. Well, as for the rhythm section there are not much to say, it doesn't have to do something complicated, it just keeps the groove and the rhythm in an ideal way.

The vocals are either clean and melodic or more husky, melodic still, and there are moments where you can notice some slight grunting parts (numbered in the fingers of the one hand) or some more electronically distorted in order for the vocals to sound more floating. What someone can notice are the light-oriented colors that enrich the artwork of the booklet and I think that the cover of the album with the candle unfolding its light in the dark paces with the title of the album and the overall euphoric feeling of melancholy, a kind of uplifting sadness, if you get what I mean. You can notice this feeling while listening to the album, it has its darker moments of course, but you won't feel depressed, you will enjoy this melancholic trip.

Songs that will catch your attention have to be "Echoes Of Tomorrow" (my personal favorite from the album, both the heavier and more upbeat version and the more emotional and fragile acoustic version of it), the "danceable" and groovy "Dancing With The Lion", the emotional and imposing "Cold", the heavy "Give Me Light" etc.

"Give Me Light" is an album that flows beautifully as one and will calm you with its sweet melancholy from a band that knows how to offer inspired tunes.

Band profile: Darkseed
Album: Give Me Light


Written on 28.11.2005 by
"It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."
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Milena - 05.07.2011 at 10:45  
It's quite an awesome album, along with the first two. Is it just me, or they really do have a punk vibe to some of their songs?
DerRozzengarten - 05.07.2011 at 19:50  
Written by Milena on 05.07.2011 at 10:45

It's quite an awesome album, along with the first two. Is it just me, or they really do have a punk vibe to some of their songs?

Where did you dig this ancient review? But yeah, they got something "punk" driven, a dark punk attitude or something
Milena - 05.07.2011 at 22:40  
Written by DerRozzengarten on 05.07.2011 at 19:50

Where did you dig this ancient review?

I have several methods currently I'm looking at genres I haven't been giving much attention in recent years, or something I liked really much and forgot about it, OR some small gems I have yet to try out, so I go around reading reviews to see what will I be getting myself into. Turns out you wrote a whole bunch of those

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