In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy review


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Band: In This Moment
Album: Beautiful Tragedy
Release date: May 2007

01. Whispers Of October
02. Prayers
03. Beautiful Tragedy
04. Ashes
05. Daddy's Falling Angel
06. The Legacy Of Odio
07. This Moment
08. Next Life
09. He Said Eternity
10. Circles
11. When The Storm Subsides

Metalcore is a very popular sub genre in metal usually because it has elements that come from punk which is very popular sub genre in rock. I started listening to metalcore when I was just a kid and I wasn't that interested in it because I couldn't really find good female fronted metalcore bands. It was really dominated by men (excluding The Agonist and Walls Of Jericho. In my view there is not really a female fronted metalcore band that stands out against the others.

But luckily it ended here after I finished listening to Beautiful Tragedy from the female fronted metalcore band In This Moment. I didn't have much expectation at first when I started hearing the album. "Prayers" gave me a good wake up slap in the face and I realized that this song is freakin' awesome. The second song "Beautiful Tragedy" ended my low expectations and I was now examining the album with more effort.

Just think of the best metalcore bands out there and morph it into one with a female lead singer and some good talented band members. Yeah, this album is just freakin' awesome to rock out to and just not give a damn about life. It has everything you want to hear in a metalcore album. None of that weak and pathetic expression in the music when you hear metalcore from some female metal singer. Maria Brink just proves metalcore is not just for men, and that women can once dominate the metal genre. This is just a kick ass album!

The best song to point out here and give it the award for best song in the album is "Where the Storm Subsides". I'm not a person who cries but this song almost let a tear out of my eyes. It's just that there is so much feeling put into the song and no words can really describe the feeling you get in body while listening to it.

I was so joyful after hearing the album because I finally found the female fronted metalcore band I will follow and keep notice of.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Epictemptation | 04.11.2012


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