Tankard - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live review


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Band: Tankard
Album: Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live
Release date: October 2005

Disc I [Live concert at Batschkapp Frankfurt, May 2005]
01. Need Money For Beer
02. The Morning After
03. Zombie Attack
04. Slipping From Reality
05. Minds On The Moon
06. Beermuda
07. New Liver Please!
08. Maniac Forces
09. Queen Of Hearts
10. Die With A Beer In Your Hand
11. Nation Over Nation
12. Dancing On Our Grave
13. Alcohol
14. Don't Panic
15. Space Beer
16. Rectifier
17. Hope?
18. Beyond The Pubyard
19. We're Coming Back
20. Chemical Invasion
21. Poison
22. Alien
23. Freibier
24. (Empty) Tankard

+ interviews, photo gallery And The 4 official videos:
25. The Morning After (1988)
26. Space Beer (1990)
27. Minds On The Moon (1995)
28. Tanze Samba Mit Mir (1996)

Disc II [13 Outtakes (Backstage- And live scenes)]
01. Tokyo, Osaka (Japan) - February 1999
02. With Full Force Festival, Leipzig - June 2001
03. Summer Breeze Festival, Abtsgmünd - August 2001
04. Moshclub, Kolmberg - August 2001
05. Milan (Italy) November - 2001
06. Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen - June 2002
07. Salonika & Athens (Griechenland) - December 2002
08. Ankara (Turkey) - March 2003
09. Pratteln (Switzerland) - August 2003
10. Piorno Rock Festival, Granada (Spain) - February 2004
11. Chaulnes (France) - March 2005
12. Sulzbach-Rosenberg - April 2005
13. Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen - June 2005

Haaa Thrash Metal, the big and ugly musicians, the girls, the furious pits and the moshers and evidently the beers… what a beautiful musical world. Beautiful, but also really funny especially if you're watching the new DVD, "Fat And Ugly And Still (A)live", of one of the oldest band from Germany, Tankard. If you like the band, this is a must…

I will be honest in general, I'm more into "American" Thrash and even if Tankard is a really old band, I just discovered their music with this DVD. But their really effective music, simple on a hand but so catchy on the other side was a really good surprise for me. Clearly more oriented toward the "punk" attitude (musically speaking too) than the others Thrash bands from Germany, I must confess that this DVD caught my attention and I had a look on their precedent release and do you know what? This is probably a good point…

The DVD is "full" of great things. First, you'll be able to watch an excellent concert with 24 songs!!! Yeah, you're not dreaming the show is long and that's great because we don't want to buy DVD with a poor show of only ten songs. Ok, the image is not perfect sometime and it moves a lot so it's not so easy to watch the show but at least it's really dynamic and it fits perfectly with the music of the band, and as you can see in the track list, all their hits are in the set-list.

Also, you'll be able to find, an interview (too bad, it's in German and without any subtitle so it will be something only for the people who speak the language), a gallery, all the video-clips of the band, and there is two DVD. The second one, features a lot of "Outtakes" and evidently a lot of videos shooted in France, Japan, Italy, Greece and etc… Honestly, it's hard to ask something more when you wanna buy a musical DVD and I'm sure that the fans of Tankard, if they don't already have it, will be happy to know that their favourite band did something really classy…

With a lot of 2nd degree and auto derision, they guys of Tankard released a really funny but excellent DVD. It's long, there is everything that you want to have on a DVD and believe me it's the perfect present for the fans of the band. If you like Thrash and Tankard, this is a must!!!

Written by Jeff | 05.01.2006


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