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Band: TesseracT
Album: Perspective
Release date: May 2012

01. Perfection [acoustic version]
02. April [acoustic version]
03. Origin [acoustic version]
04. Dream Brother [Jeff Buckley cover]
05. Eden 2.0

While UK-born djent-metallers Tesseract haven't been in the game for terribly long, their first EP and full-length album left a big impression on today's modern metal scene. And while One has proven itself to be a very interesting take on groovy progressive metal, its follow-up EP Perspective proves to be quite an imaginative take on their own songs.

Basically, Perspective is an acoustic remake a few tracks from One, with a Jeff Buckley cover thrown in, because they're nice like that. Barely any of the tracks here can be considered metal. This is a very dark, sleepy yet surprisingly ambient affair. Oh, and they had a new vocalist for the EP, too: Elliot Coleman (who has already left the band to pursue other projects) proves to be the main highlight of Perspective.

Coleman has been hailed as the next Matt Bellamy (Muse), and it's pretty obvious why. His soft, high-pitched falsetto singing sounds absolutely lush, especially in the intro track "Perfection". He provides a genuinely heartfelt performance. Not only does he hit notes, he provides the emotional clarity that actually matches the lyrics. The song is about striving to be, well, perfect. To be more than what you already are. Coleman came across as not only hurt but very bitter when singing this track, and it was quite refreshing to hear.

Every other track had a similar feel to "Perfection". The production is even more pristine and organic than on One. The acoustic guitars sound spacey and sleepy; as if the listener has lapsed into some dreamy inertia. There isn't a bad track in this mix, but I felt pretty unmoved by their Jeff Buckley cover, "Dream Brother". It is interesting that they made it entirely their own song however, but it breezed by me and didn't leave much of an impression.

Perspective then closes on its only non-acoustic track, a remake of "Eden" (again, from One), called "Eden 2.0". And it's quite the heavy little number. The grooves are chunky, the bass is heavy, and the chorus is loaded with soaring melodies, courtesy again of Elliot Coleman. It sounds like Meshuggah and Muse had a baby together..

All in all, Perspective is a gorgeous little treat until the band hire a new singer and get their act together. Once again Tesseract have proven that they're more than trend-followers. But whether or not the music scene they're a part of will stand the test of time in metal history is anybody's guess.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by DelightfulJim | 09.01.2013


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