Misery Inc. - Yesterday's Grave review


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Band: Misery Inc.
Album: Yesterday's Grave
Release date: February 2004

01. Suicide Serenade
02. Darkness
03. Life Ain't Fair
04. Dilemma
05. No More
06. Through The Dark
07. Darkest Night
08. Prayer
09. Share My Madness
10. Fade Away

Last year I reviewed a Demo of a young Finnish band that played Gothic Metal, while the demo was a fairly good one, I thought that these guys were late, because the Finnish Gothic Metal scene had bloomed long time ago, the name of the band? Misery Inc.
Now, a year later, I encountered the same band, with a record contract and a full-length under their sleeve, I couldn't be more happy for them.

After I got the expected Cd, I told to myself, it's time to listen how much the band had matured in their sound, and how they handle their sound under a professional production.
The results, again, I couldn't be more happy! Misery Inc. has refined their sound and now they have distinctive trademarks to stand away from the crowd of Finnish Gothic Metal, so read this, and read it well, this is NOT a copy of Charon, Entwine, To/Die/For and HIM.

Misery Inc. adds extra punch when it comes to the music, the guitar riffs are reminiscent of many Trash Metal bands, and that makes these guys stand out from the rest.
The first 3 songs of the album are 3 songs that were included in their Demo "Suicide Serenade", I must admit that I was a little disappointed when I read the tracklist and found out that my favorite song their demo "Hated (Last Song)" was not included in this full-length, but also I was surprised because "Life Ain't Fair" was my less favorite song in the Demo, but now they totally redesigned the sound, added keyboards and female vocals, making this track a great melancholic song.

I must say that the main influence of this band is Sentenced, you can hear some similarities in the sound here and there, this "revelation" came to me while hearing "Dilemma", a powerful song full of great crunchy riffs.
Other songs that caught my attention were "Share My Madness", "Fade Away" and "Through The Dark".

Now, there's a clear reason to get this Cd, the extra crunch that these guys add to their music is worth the buying, I guess that you could say that Misery Inc. is the bastard child of a one-night stand between Sentenced and Metallica.
Fans of Gothic Metal, prepare yourselves for some Finnish Gothic with attitude! Misery Inc. shall not go unnoticed in the scene.

Written by Undercraft | 07.02.2006



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13.07.2006 - 22:25
Lost To Apathy
Simple music, but so so good. A warning for those who first heard Random End and liked it: this one has no growls, but you'll love it as well.
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