Edge Of Forever - Feeding The Fire review


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Band: Edge Of Forever
Album: Feeding The Fire
Release date: 2004

01. Feeding The Fire
02. Birth Of The Sun
03. Prisoner
04. Whatever Comes
05. Mother Of Darkness
06. Bloodsucker
07. The Road We Walked on
08. Dance Into The Fire
09. The Gates Of Hell
10. I Won't be A Fool no More
11. Feeding The Fire [Video bonus]

When I'm already in some kind of Hardrock phase in the reviewing career, I shall continue with it.
Next on the list is Italy's Edge of Forever, a relatively young band (with a quite high middle age) that's with this very album releases their first one.

The band was formed in 2002 with a vision of creating as good music as their idols did in the eighties.
The two most experience guys in the band is the singer Bob Harris that earlier worked with Frank Zappa and Steve Vai, and he has also played with Axe.
The keyboarder Alessandro Del Vecchio has played with Glenn Hughes, Scott McGill, Patrick Rondat and so on.
And Edge of Forever's debut album, "Feeding the Fire", is produced by Marcel Jacob, that together with Jeff Soto Scott formed Talisman.

The biggest question here is, of course, "Can they even challenge with their idols from the eighties?".
Well, if you ask me, that might not the biggest, but a quite big fan of Hardrock from all times: No, not really.
Sure, they have some really cool ideas that are working quite well on the album, but it's not anything that's going to cause such mess like the Hardrock did in the eighties.

The quite ironic thing is that the two I was mention earlier, that was the most experience, is also the two that's looking strange.
Singer Harris seems to have passing the ago of 50 (or soon will), using a jacket together with a pair of leather pants and his dancing in the enclosed video might be the most ludicrous I have ever seen.
And for Alessandro, where do the man hide his neck? Under all that hair?

But now let us forget those things and for the last time, focus on the album itself.
That's contains 10 songs plus a video (as mention) of the title track. The quality of the songs is very even; there is not really good ones not bad ones, just 10 songs that do a full album (like 11 players doing a football team).
The production is good and the feeling of eighties Hardrock is present, but it's far away from what the Hardrock once was, but it's a nice try, at least.

I recommend this to fans of the above mention Hardrock and to people that's listening to what today's Hardrock scene has to offer, this is a quite strong album in today's scene.

Check Out: The ballad "The Road We Walked on" or the video if you wanna laugh.

Written by Malcolm | 19.07.2004


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