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Hardcore Superstar - No Regrets review


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Band: Hardcore Superstar
Album: No Regrets
Release date: 2003

01. Wall Of Complaint
02. No Regrets
03. Breakout
04. Soul Of Sweetness
05. Honey Tongue
06. Still I'm Glad
07. Bring Me Back
08. Pathetic Way Of Life
09. It's So True
10. Why Can't You Love Me Like Before
11. Last Great Day
12. I Can't Change
13. You Know Where We All Belong
14. Who [The Who cover] [Japanese bonus]

Punk is not dead!!![???]

Well, I'm no so sure when I see the last production of the Swedish band "Hardcore Superstar". But is it really Punk or Hardcore? Well I'm sure of one thing it's absolutely not Hardcore. For the Punk, well, when I listen all the crappy Neo Punk productions coming from United States like Offspring or Blink182 well, I'm sure of one thing, Hardcore Superstar don't fight in the same category.

In fact this album sounds like Hard Rock bands of the 90's with some parts of punk [it's true] and especially with a taste of Glam Rock, we are in presence of a band like T Rex and Mötley Crüe. And well it's not too bad… This music is positive I'm not into this kind of music [and I think I will never be in], but with some objectivity I must admit that Hardcore Superstar can be listened to and can make his little effect... I explain myself: make a party, buy beers, whisky, vodka etc, put the volume of your stereo to the maximum [be drunk… it's very important…] and I'm sure [I don't speak for the Black, and Death Metal Head who could transform this super party in a apocalyptic fight…] that at one moment you will sing and will jump in all your house. And maybe this is the real good and interesting point of "No Regrets"
Harcore Superstar is not technical [at least they know how to make guitars solo to the difference of the two bands named higher] not very original but this guys know how to make positive and "jumping" music.
On the other hand, a very bad point is the length of "No Regrets" only 38 min for 13 tracks… It becomes a habit today…

Well I can say that this album is not too bad finally. But if I give a 6/10 to "No Regrets" I hope that you will understand that is not in comparison with "real" metal bands but with all the punks and glam bands of today. And yes Hardcore Superstar can compete with them.
Only for aficionados of this kind of music however…

Written by Jeff | 13.10.2003


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