Fahrenheit - Epic Enter review


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Band: Fahrenheit
Album: Epic Enter
Website: http://www.fahrenheitportal.com
Release date: 2002

01. Dark Storm
02. The Sea
03. Wandering Still
04. Ride With The Moon
05. The War I Wage

Power Metal from Mexico, that's a new one! And the band counts with 7 members! This definitively deserves a listen! Besides, the presentation is very nice, the cover art, the booklet, everything!

So, as I put play in the record player I'm anxiously waiting for the track 1 to start "Dark Storm" starts slowly, some keyboards, sounds of a battle raging on the background, the guitars enters... oh-oh first problem here, I sense the guitars too low and too in the background, anyway, the song finally begins, double bass, some keyboards here, the vocals, hmm yep, I dig them, he's not the best singer in the whole planet but he does his job. When the chorus arrives, I know I'm in love with this song, at the 4:40 mark, things slow down, a break, the female vocals enters the arena, more sound battles, and then again that catchy chorus, Damn!, first song, first hit.

So as we go on, the not-so-good production becomes more evidently, but the music is still great, so it really doesn't matter, this second song "the sea" is also great but the singer (male one) can become a little annoying, sometimes he tries to hit some high notes and it doesn't succeed on that endeavor.

Still, despite those minor flaws I'm enjoying this album, when "Ride With The Moon" makes his first appearance I'm shock, the initial guitar line reminds me of some good 'ol tune from the eighties, but the real surprise is coming when the last Track "The War I Rage" begins. Starting really slowly, builds up to become the best song in the record, and again these guys managed to create a complex chorus with a catchy chorus.

So we have here some great songs, good tunes and catchy choruses, great musicianship, but somewhat below average production, in a nutshell, I see really good things for this band in the future, remember that name, Fahrenheit, I'm guessing we'll hear from them again.

Written by Undercraft | 05.11.2003


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