Magellan - Impossible Figures review


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Band: Magellan
Album: Impossible Figures
Release date: 2003

01. Gorilla With A Pitchfork
02. Killer Of Hope
03. Bach 16
04. Late For Church
05. Confessor's Overture
06. Hymn For A Heathen
07. A World Groove
08. Counterpoints
09. Feel The Cross
10. Hallucination [Special Edition bonus]

Progressive Rock.

InsideOut Music / SPV / Border Music.

Year: 2003.

Progressive music, both Rock and Metal, is not one of my favorite genres, and it has never been.
But this album was a really nice surprise, even for me.
"Magellan" is created because of two brothers love to the Progressive Rock scene, back in the middle of 1980.
Trent & Wayne Gardner is the name on the two brothers.

They grew up in a music family, the father played clarinet and the mother piano and their mother learned them to play piano in an early stage in their lives.
In school they learnt to play clarinet, trumpet, trombone and guitar and bass.
So this is two very good musicians that can handle most of the instruments by their self.

"Impossible Figures" is their fifth studio album and you can hear that this have all the elements that a Progressive Rock band is needed.
Great technical guitars, much much keyboards and a driving rhythm.
Even if I, as I said, don't like this kind of music that much, this album makes me stay in front of my cd player and really listen to the music.
Maybe there is little to much keyboard mangle, but that's just a small thing I found because I should have something to complain about.

The albums give us 9 songs, 10 on the Special Edition, that I don't have.
And the songs are everything from real Progg Rock songs to heavier stuffs, one that I really got stuck to, is a heavy one, called "Late for Church" (I'm still atheist), but the heaviness in this song really surprised me.
But the song "Counterpoints" got a harder sound than the rest of the album and there are flutes in it to, and those parts are really one of the best parts on the album.
And the vocal part in this last song is really funny, sometimes it's hard not to smile when listen to it.
The Gardner brothers are experimenting with some classical elements as well, just listen to the song "Bach 16" and you know what I mean.

All of you Progg fans out there check this up if you want something new to your Progg collection, but even you that's not so much for Progg might find something interesting in this release.

And I really like the cover, crazy and nice.

Killing Songs: As I mention in the review, I got stuck in those more heavy songs, "Late for Church" and Counterpoints" but the "ballad" "Hymn for a Heathen" is cool.

Written by Malcolm | 07.11.2003


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