Autumn - Summer's End review


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Band: Autumn
Album: Summer's End
Release date: September 2004

01. The Coven (The Witch In Me Part. II)
02. Gospels In Dusk (The Witch In My Part. III)
03. Gallery Of Reality
04. Silent Madness
05. Vision Red
06. Lifeline
07. The Night
08. The Green Angel
09. Whispering Secrets
10. Summer's End
11. Solar Wake

Holland, the Mecca for Female fronted Gothic Metal, the golden land for beautiful music and beautiful women.
I also dear to say that there is no country that's even close to Holland when it comes to Gothic, at least not female fronted Gothic.
But the Dutch Gothic is divined into two "teams", one with the world-famous bands, like Within Temptation, After Forever, The Gathering and even Epica, and one with the smaller, but still unbelievable good bands, like Nemesea and today's band, Autumn.

So, this review will be about Autumn, a young and very talented Dutch Gothic band, which in "Summer's End" releases their second real album, their first on The Electric Co.
And it's an album in the Gothic genre that's also known as Beauty and Beast Gothic, which means that it's beautiful female song and male grunts (even if the last of them aren't so present as usual in these releases).

"Summer's End" is a really good album, the material is very strong, the album is very well produced, and all musicians are very talented, but that doesn't make this album any better than others, so what is it with Autumn that makes them worth buying?
First of all I think Nienke (Female singer) got a fantastic voice, it's not the usual Operatic, bright singing, but she's singing with a regular female voice, it's perfect.
Second I think that the main-man Meindert Sterk (Bass, grunts, cover art & almost all music/lyrics) makes this album worth buying, he's a multi-talent, and I'm very impressed by that man.
And third because this Gothic isn't alike all other, the songs are faster and sometimes more Heavy than Gothic, it's pretty interesting music.

Musically "Summer's End" is good, all songs are even, and actually that's the only bad thing I can find on this album, because all songs are good, and no song is much better than another, you never get the feeling that you long for a special song to come, because this album doesn't have a special song, all the songs here are equal.

But otherwise I only have good things to say about this album, it's absolutely one of the best gothic albums of this year, even of the Gothic scene starts to be a little overcrowded too, but I hope it will take a few more years before it's the same here as with Power & MeloDeath.

I recommend you to buy this album, if you want a powerful and pretty fast Gothic album, the great production together with the bands skills make this album worth every cent.
I guess this is the perfect Christmas present for a Gothic fan.

Check Out: "Silent Madness", "Vision Red", "The Coven (The Witch in My Part. II)", "Summer's End" & "Whispering Secrets".

Written by Malcolm | 11.12.2004



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03.03.2009 - 16:12
Really love the album! And the songs are indeed really equal..I think Silent Madness is though a bit my favourite, but then again I think; yes but I like that song too, and also that one.
So it's true that all songs are about the same and all really great!
05.03.2013 - 00:13
Account deleted
This album is so underrated... Their best IMO. I like that it sounds quite different from other gothic albums, the music, the atmosphere and the vocals too. Nieke's voice is fantastic, you can feel all her emotions through it. It's a same she is not in the band anymore.
I love almost all songs, but especially Gospels In Dusk, Gallery Of Reality and Whispering Secrets. Highly recommended.

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