Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love review


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Band: Mötley Crüe
Album: Too Fast For Love
Release date: November 1981

01. Live Wire
02. Come On And Dance
03. Public Enemy #1
04. Merry-Go-Round
05. Take Me To The Top
06. Piece Of Your Action
07. Starry Eyes
08. Too Fast For Love
09. On With The Show
10. Toast Of The Town [bonus]
11. Tonight [Raspberries cover] [bonus]
12. Too Fast For Love [alternate take version] [bonus]
13. Stick To Your Guns [bonus]
14. Merry-Go-Round [Live In San Antonio] [bonus]

Back in the birth of the 80s a new movement would rise and those to hold its banners were Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue. Soon many would follow but the foundations would be set in the most appropriate way in the 1981-1983 era with "Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks"-"Self Destruction Blues" and "Too Fast For Love"-"Shout At The Devil".

Just stare at the cover of "Too Fast For Love", it is the absolute manifesto of the glam scene, it's dirty, sleazy and gives you the impression that the guy is really "too fast for love" for he cares for other… stuff. But really, were you expecting something different from a band paying tribute to the 4F [find her, feel her, fuck her, forget her] rule? Hell, no way!

While listening to "Too Fast for Love" the first thing that impresses the listener is its fresh air! The album is filled with energy, groove and rock n roll feeling! Keeping the energy of punk rock (whoever won't find punk references in this release of Motley Crue is probably deaf - a Ramones feeling is in the air, generally speaking), harmonizing it with a rock n roll attitude and song structure, Motley Crue offer something dynamic and pure in its sound in terms of feeling, something dirty and groovy.

The guitar work is really brilliant, powerful and dirty. The one wonderful riff comes after the other and the changes that might appear in the same song won't make them seem like foreign parts of a puzzle. On the contrary, they make the songs more varied and uplifting, keeping the interest of the listener to high levels. The solos that appear are not just a few but quite many and the most important of all is that Mick Mars offers some really inspired solos escalating the songs in the right moment! The drumming is really groovy, lending pulse and life to the compositions and along with the bass lines the songs seem to have a danceable touch! Vince Neil if you ask me rocks all the way, despite the fact that his voice sounds more… let's say that his voice hasn't shaped that much and doesn't have that approach he has since "Shout At the Devil", but still, he sounds wonderful, whether he sounds dirty or more emotional! His high pitched screams are just awesome!

As for highlights allow me to say that the album flows definitely as one and you really don't know which songs to choose! The upbeat and dirty "Take Me To The Top", "Come On and Dance" and "Piece Of Your Action"? The personal favourite and utterly rolling "Too Fast For Love" (man, I love that song! and the female voices singing "too fast, too fast for love" offer a beautiful cabaret-like kitsch aesthetic to the song!)? The ballad-like "Merry-Go round" and "On With The Show"? The Ramones oriented but still awesome "Public Enemy #1"? The sensational "Starry Eyes"? Or the dynamic with the emotional break "Live wire"?

Just buy it, put it on and start rolling all over the house!


Written on 01.01.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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22.11.2006 - 04:52
Account deleted
SWEET ALBUM! Great attitude, superb old school feel

and it si actually not Glam, I consider it METAL
26.03.2007 - 06:52
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
This album is far too overlooked, most of the songs on it are incredible yet underestimated, like 'Take Me To The Top' is possibly one of the most underrated Crue songs, same with 'On With The Show'
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14.12.2008 - 09:57
Account deleted
Great album. great review.
20.12.2009 - 09:07
Your review is spot on! Dirty and uplifting, but most importantly high quality metal!
16.08.2012 - 00:32
Valentin B
This is imo the best album Crue ever will release. "Live Wire" is surprisingly heavy and fast, fast double bass drumming like on that song was quite rare in the music released until 1982.
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04.04.2014 - 04:46
Whenever I am in any discussion and Motley Crue comes up I refer to Motley Mark 1,2 and 3. Mark 1 is "To Fast for Love" and "Shout at the Devil" Mark 2 and everything else Mark 3. A good many regard "To Fast" as the best Crue album. I can see why as this is a very raw in your face "Hard Rock" album with obvious influences of punk and glam rock from mid 70's. This release was the pebble that started the avalanche of mid-late 80's manufactured pop metal. Lost in all that debris of garbage were some of the best and historically influential albums. This is one of them! I prefer "Shout" over 'To Fast" simply because Shout is a true metal record. This comes in as a very close second.

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