Onethirtyeight - Case N.6 review

Band: Onethirtyeight
Album: Case N.6
Release date: 2002

01. Some Kinda Love
02. Dr. Sepis Cleaver
03. Artaud's Ballet

The strangest things come to my mail this days, I received a plastic bag with a tag (like the ones used in the morgue, you know, the "toe tags") saying 138 - Case #6, I opened the bag just to discover a info sheet covered in blood (ok, Fake blood), it said: "This Demo was designed to try to create a picture in the listener mind" so let's see what picture created in me.

A Bar. 8:14 pm, a perfectly normal and good-looking man approaches a woman sitting in the bar, drinking a Martini, he talks to her, she doesn't seems interested, he offers her a drink, she don't answer… she looks at her and says.. I Won't Fucking Hurt You…
Outside, the woman leaves the bar, just to fall asleep in the middle of the street, because somebody just made her smell some Chloroform.

Laboratory 11:43 pm , preparing things… the autopsy is going to be fun.

Living room 2:52 am A Waltz. A couple dancing, one of them doesn't move the feet, the other one helps carrying her. Some sounds, he whispers at her ear… "Will You Stay With Me??? …I Think I Love You"

And all of this happens in 4 minutes of sounds, whispers and some industrial landscapes, pretty sick if you ask me, like a soundtrack for serial killers, really psycho.
If you expect music don't try this one, this is just ambience noise and some monologues, I think is great, the only thing I wished is that it were longer.

Written by Undercraft | 26.09.2004


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