Facebreaker - Bloodred Hell review


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Band: Facebreaker
Album: Bloodred Hell
Release date: March 2004

01. The Demon
02. Cursed
03. Human Soil
04. Command Of The Dark
05. Hater
06. Total Wasteland
07. Bloodred Hell
08. Crushed
09. Hell is Coming Closer
10. Bringer Of Death
11. Bleed

From one Death Metal release to another, but this time it's more brutal, no Melodic Death here, it's just the pure Brutal Death that we all know.
Facebreaker is the name of the band this time and they release their debut album too.
But it's not only newbies in this band, the singer, Roberth Karlsson is the one that replaced Mr. Dan Swanö in Edge of Sanity, a very hard job, you know, replace a legend is almost impossible.
But now, Roberth have his own band, and don't have to replace anyone.

And again, no bio of the band, if you want that, you have to wait until someday in February for the new website to come online.
So let's stick to the music here to.
As I said, it's Brutal Death this time, and in the first two songs, it's even some Grindcore elements in.
Unfortunately I'm no Brutal Metal fan, but I think this album will surprise many of you that really listen to this kind of music.
It drags my mind back to the old Swedish Death band, Grave. If you have heard them, you almost will know what you have here.
Demonic growls, fast guitars and a sound that's coming from Hell!

After the firs two songs the more Brutal Death sound comes, no more Grindcore elements now.
The problem is that I almost grow tired of the sound, before the album reach the end.
And that's not good.
But I don't know if that's because my lack of interest in this kind of music, or if this is too monotonous.
But to find some bright parts of the album, I have to say that it sounds much better then other Brutal Death band I heard, so it's getting a plus from me there.
And there are some songs that are catching my attention, even if I don't getting to excited.

To sum it, I'd say this is more for the people with more Brutal taste than me, and I don't think it will do to many of you Brutal Metal fans disappointed.
So I recommend all Brutal Death Metal fans to check this up, they are worth it.

Favourite songs: Well, as I said, some catching my attention, "Human Spoil" & "Bloodred Hell" is two of them.

Written by Malcolm | 10.02.2004



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28.10.2008 - 15:02
This is a damn good album! I bought 'Bloodred Hell' shortly after it was released a few years ago, after hearing the extremely catchy song 'Hell Is Coming Closer' on a Terrorizer compilation CD, and was thoroughly impressed.

I don't really agree with your frequent use of the term "Brutal Death" in the review - this band isn't really about brutality, at least not in the sense that modern 'Brutal Death' would be considered. I'd rather refer to it as old-school, though to be fair you did compare it to Grave. The songs here are really catchy and memorable IMO, with a dirty, deathly aesthetic.

The only problems really are that some of the lyrics are a bit silly, and the bandname Facebreaker doesn't seem suitable for a band of this style, IMO.. Perhaps a more haunting or 'deathly' name would've been more appropriate.

I haven't heard Facebreaker's second album yet, but I definitely want to check it out soon...

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