Burden Of Grief - Fields Of Salvation review


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Band: Burden Of Grief
Album: Fields Of Salvation
Website: http://www.burdenofgrief.de
Release date: 2004

01. Desaster And Decay
02. Dead Soul Decline
03. The Nightmare Within
04. Engaged With Destiny
05. Fields Of Salvation
06. Slowly Pass Out
07. Yearning For Salvation
08. The Silent Killing
09. Don't Fear The Creeper

Another Death Metal release now, it's three on a row now.
But anyway, this time, it's no debut album that's being reviewed; "Fields of Salvation" is Burden of Grief's third records since their first one in 2000.
Unfortunately I haven't heard anything about them earlier, so this is my first contact with them.

It's said that they play Melodic Death Metal, Gothenburg style, but I can't totally agree there, 'cause this isn't really Gothenburg Death, it's not far away, but I find this a bit more aggressive than the Gothenburg Death, and maybe a bit more angry.
Maybe they are inspired of a little more Brutal bands, I don't know, but it's not pure Gothenburg Death.

Burden of Grief was formed back in 1994.
They released some demos and played a lot underground, until 1999 when they signed a record deal with Grind Syndicate Media and released their first album, a MCD named "Haunting Requiems", in 2000.
Meantime they did their first line-up change, the drummer quitted of persona reason.
Under the recordings of their first full-length album, "On Darker Trails", they signed a one record deal with Massacre, and released their album in 2001.
Under year 2002 and 2003 they played a lot live, on Festivals and so.
But now, in 2004 a new album is coming out, and it's that album I shall talk about today.

Filled with aggression (and anger?) the first song starts, "Desaster And Decay", one of the best on the record. (But I wonder if it's with purpose they have spelled it Desaster and not Disaster, but I guess I'll never know).
After the album continues in the same style, that's something close to Gothenburg Death, but somehow a bit more aggressive, and maybe a bit more angry, as I mention earlier.
And as almost all Death Metal releases, the playtime isn't the longest. It's so very common that the playtime is around 40 min on this kind of release, but still, they always succeed so fill it with so much intention so you will forget about the time, and Burden of Grief is no exception.

And when it's produced by no other then Tommy Hansen (Helloween), you can't find anything to complain about there, its just so perfect it should be.
So here you have an aggressive (angry) Melodic Death Metal band, with perfect production, what more can we ask for?

So, are you a fan of the Melodic Death music, I have to recommend this album, it's a really good one, that's deserve some of your precious time, and I don't think you will regret it either.

Favourite Tracks: "Desaster And Decay" and "Don't Fear The Creeper" is two very good songs. But the melody in "The Nightmare Within" is out of complains too.
But as always, it's better you get your own favourite.

Written by Malcolm | 11.02.2004


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