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Abandoned - Thrash Notes review


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Band: Abandoned
Album: Thrash Notes
Release date: February 2006

01. The Oncoming Storm
02. Return To One
03. Take The Spell
04. Holy Terror
05. Breed Machine
06. Phoenix Rise
07. Pay The Dues
08. Demonic
09. Hell Is Home
10. You're Going Down
11. Nightmares

Abandoned is a new combo that comes from Germany and "Thrash Notes" is the title of their debut album. With this title, do I really have to do a description of the music of the combo? Evidently you got it, this band plays Thrash metal, in the German like Bay Area spirit. There is nothing really revolutionary here but well it's always good to listen to some good old Thrash right? So I'm sure that the fans of the genre will, at least, like some songs of the CD.

The main influence of Abandoned is Slayer. Well it's not really hard to hear it, because you can believe that this album is really similar to the old Slayer (without however, the killer melodies a la "South Of Heaven"). Well it's Thrash you know, fast tempo, nice solos, angry vocals and punk attitude. Nothing new on this "Thrash Notes" but if you're a fan of the first Metallica and Slayer on a side, it's good to listen to this CD. Plus Abandoned is a young band and the guys know how to play a good Thrash so only the originality is lacking actually.

Actually, the only big problems come from the lack of originality and the production. First you must know that the album was an auto-production and Abandoned got the deal with Dockyard after the release of the album. It means that they didn't have all the financial means that they deserve and well, even if it can sound strange, this album sounds like an 80's production. It's a shame because if the sound isn't horrible, it's not perfect too (the snares is just horrible, I have the feeling that I'm listening to the sound of a pan) and we just miss something. Also, the band is not really original, and it seems to be a bit hard for them to play something that doesn't sound like some deja vu. On the other hand, we don't have a lot of Thrash releases so it's still enjoyable to listen to it

"Thrash Notes" really lacks of originality but this is only the first album of this young German combo so I think that they will probably find some fans but they will progress too. They're good musicians and are apparently really good "live" so, if you like Thrash, have a look on this release. Don't expect something outstanding but you'll see, it's a good ol' correct Thrash album.

Written by Jeff | 06.03.2006



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13.12.2011 - 17:43
Not only lacks of originality, feels like they took all the good things of bay area thrashers and tried to copy them to this album. unfortunately they tried to copy kreator and the result is bad.. bad riffs (why they have to riff), drums for top 5 of awful drumming (listen to holly terror) , voice (omg) what can you say, we cannot tell anything about bass cause we can't barely hear it, where is it? the cheap production sucks too..

i think 4.5 would be a good rating for this album

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