Magic Kingdom - Metallic Tragedy review


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Band: Magic Kingdom
Album: Metallic Tragedy
Release date: 2004

01. Tazira's Magic Rite
02. Child Of The Nile
03. The Iron Mask
04. Flying Pyramids
05. Barabas
06. Master Of Madness
07. Black Magic Castle
08. Another Sun
09. The Fight
10. Metallic Tragedy

Power Metal from Belgium… hmm that isn't anything we hear every day, so just the origin is tempting here. Not only the origin, but I guess you get my point.
And Power Metal is a very common style today, but sometimes it's possible to find a band that's at least a little original. Magic Kingdom is one, they aren't the most original band out there, but they got their own ideas how the music shall sound like, and that's positive.

Magic Kingdom was formed by Dushan Petrossi, that's often gets compared with Mr. Malmsteen, that haven't happen anyone else, right?
Magic Kingdom released their debut album in 1999, "The Arrival" and now their second one is released.
Except Mr. Petrossi Magic Kingdom is: Max Leclerq a France singer that Dushan thought would fit his kind of music, and I have to say he's right.
Anton Arkhipov on drums that was a member of "Exhumator".
Aymeric Ribot on keyboards a new, very talent guy that gives the music and extra dimension.
Vassili Moltchanow, bass player that played on the debut, he and Max are still here since the debut.

"Metallic Tragedy" is a pleasant album that takes some spins before you'll be able to get max out of it.
The first listening there are just some songs that you'll really notice, that's somehow original or that you heard it before. The instrumental one, "Black Magic Castle" is one, that's really really good. It's not often I praise an instrumental song, but now I have to do it.
The fine work of from a very talent band can't be shown in a better way.
Unfortunately the "Copy-cat" ghost pays a visit here too, in the song "Another Sun", the intro part, isn't that a done by Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius) already? I'm damn sure of that.

But the album is containing more than that, a guest appearance worth mention is also here, no less than Oliver Hartmann (ex- At Vance) sings on two track ("Flying Pyramids" & "Master of Madness") and sings back vocals on every song.
Since I'm a big fan of At Vance albums with Oliver on vocals (Now replaced by Swedish vocalist Mats Levén) this guest appearance is more than welcome by me.

Before I round off this review I really have to use some lines to tell you about the ender, the last track on the album. The 13 minutes long Epic, theatrical song "Metallic Tragedy" where as many as 5 different vocals modes, from Dark and Heavy to Soprano and baritone.
And the music is varying too, usual Power Metal is mixed with almost Black Metal and some other genres.
A mini-opera in other words, very good song.
It's a very original track, not many bands dare to try to do something like this, so it's always fun when someone tries. And then if the song is good, it's even better.

Overall, it's a very good album, maybe not a masterpiece, but still a very price-worth album that should be a nice additional to your collection.
It's more than an album for die-hard Power Metal fans.

Favourite Songs: "Black Magic Castle" & "Metallic Tragedy" gets the stamp as favourite.

Written by Malcolm | 14.04.2004



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25.09.2008 - 09:38
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
This one's great.
27.09.2008 - 23:18
The Sasquatch
yeah very good album, nothing new or original its just power metal well executed

Fast, melodic, catchy, and a little cheesy on the top!
09.09.2009 - 15:15
Man, all it took to throw me off the album was that cover picture....
25.09.2010 - 14:40
I actually really liked the last track the most in the album.

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