Temptamentum - Disciples Of The Ashen Sun review

Band: Temptamentum
Album: Disciples Of The Ashen Sun
Release date: October 2003

01. Praeludium - The Revelation
02. Disciples Of The Ashen Sun
03. Night Her Course Began
04. Interludium - The Rebellion
05. The Purgatory Winter
06. The Gathering Of Spirits
07. Scarlet Gleaming Darkness
08. Postludium - The Enthronement

When I for the first time was introduced to Tempta, I heard that it was a Melodic Black Metal band, and I at once got really interested. I know asking myself, "How in hell does a Melodic Black Metal band does?" The curiosity lead me to check them up, and when downloading the title track, that's available on their homepage, I knew that I found a band I would really like, even if I normally abhor Black Metal.
But this was different, the band introduce themselves as a Melodic Death Metal band, but that's not really what I should call them, and Melodic Black isn't really right either, but if you mix 'em together, you're pretty close.

Tempta (or Temptamentum) was formed in Germany sometime before 1995, because in that year the first demo was released, "Traenentanz" and the line-up contained two of the three members that's still in the band today, Michael Eichler (Guitars & Vocals) & Manuel Niess (Guitars & Keys), (the third one in today's line-up is the bass player Christian Mayer).
In 1997 the second demo, "Midnight", was released.
And so came 1998, the third demo was released, "Mors Omnia Vincit", that also would be the last from the guys, thought all. But now (or last year) there came yet another release, "Disciples of the Ashen Sun", a album (Demo) that's totally based on John Milton's well known books, "Paradise Lost".

Since this is my first contact with the band I can't tell you how this release sounds compared to their others, but since the main songwriters and guitarists is still here, and Eichler still handle the vocals, I'm pretty sure it's the same game we talking about, with a evolution that points forward.
Because the only word worth mention here is "Impressive", I didn't expect something like this. Sure I knew that the title track was awesome, but that the rest of the album would hold almost the same class is admirable.

The album starts with a instrumental piece, that's building a very nice and atmospheric feeling before the first, real, track is coming, the über-good title track, "Disciples of the Ashen Sun", this must be one of the best songs I heard this year, serious.
"Night Her Course Began" follows up and it's yet another great track, the Melodic parts it mixed with the growl-singing Eichler, terrific.
Please note that the lyrics it written in old English, which makes the album even greater, the old way of writing/talking is so melancholic and wonderful.

The counter have now reached track 4, and that's "Interludium - The Rebellion", an instrumental track based upon the third book of Paradise Lost, and I guess, the opener for the second part of the album.
Musically it's no difference there, the following 3 songs (+ the ending, a Instrumental one) is playing in the same league as the firs two, even is no one it's getting up in the same class as the title track, that's the outstanding track of the album, the diamond among gold coins, the moon among the stars… Eeh, sorry, what I mean was that the title track Rocks the hell out of the most I heard in a long time.

To conclude it all with some few (!) words I would like to say I'm surprised that a young and talent band like this isn't signed yet, I though labels was looking for bands that's fall to the original side of the Metal community, and not bands like all other.
So all labels that's reading this, at least listen to what Temptamentum has to offer, and maybe, maybe!!, you got yourself a band of today and for the future.
And for all other readers, for just 10-12 Euro you can become owner of a very nice and professional made album by a band that's better than many signed bands today, do not hesitate contact Tempta and get an ex, you won't regret it.

Favourite Tracks: "Disciples of the Ashen Sun" can't be from this world.

Written by Malcolm | 18.05.2004


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