Warblade - A Crisis In The Gray Space review

Band: Warblade
Album: A Crisis In The Gray Space
Release date: 2003

01. The End Unleashed At Dawn
02. Deadly Nightshade
03. The Wasteland Burials
04. The Wastelands Burials Ii
05. The Lifetime Machinery
06. A Crisis In The Gray Space
07. The Scowl
08. Dreamwork And Memory
09. Epistemic Purification

Got this release with this ugly cover art, and I didn't want to listen to it at first, I mean, I can do a better cover with Windows Paint (the program that comes with the Pc). Anyway, like I always say, a cover art don't make an album suck, lack of creativity does.

Creativity? What can you expect from a Black-Death Metal band? If there's any hint of creativity left in that genre? It's all been done? Or there's some band with a twist that will show us the new path of Extreme Metal?
Sadly, Warblade aren't the torchbearers this time, while the album is not bad at all, is not something I haven't heard before, so, don't expect big surprises here.

While playing mainly a Melodic kind of Black Metal, you can trace some other influences in this release, like Swedish Melodic Death Metal, I sense Dark Tranquillity as a main influence here, mostly in the guitars.
As for the vocals, there are quite good, not too shrieked, and thank god you can understand some things they say!

Some songs have memorable parts, like the nice calm part in "The Wasteland Burials" , or the clean singing on "Dreamwork And Memory", the 12 minute closer "Epistemic Purification" also deserves some mentioning.
This may not be the most original piece of work that has ever been done, but for a relatively new band is a nice effort.

Besides the really ugly artwork and general poor layout, Warblade play some nasty tunes that will please many fans of the genre, MeloBlack-Death Metal for the masses!

Written by Undercraft | 26.05.2004


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