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Fallen Angels - Black Lotus review

Band: Fallen Angels
Album: Black Lotus
Release date: October 2003

01. Soulstone Splinter
02. Crowned In Despair
03. Where The Black Lotus Grows
04. Mæstitia

Melodic Death Metal from Sweden, I'm sure you're sick of hearing this term over and over again, seems that the Melodeath genre has expanded to uncontrollable levels, and when you think you've heard them all and listened everything the genre can offer, a band comes and does something fresh.

That's the case with Fallen Angels, they don't offer a new musical proposal, they take their biggest influences (in this case I must say Dark Tranquillity) and inject a dose of originality in the mix. The result? Nothing new, but still, damn good!

This four song Demo has great sound, aggressive yet melodic songs and most important of all things, talent.
Musicianship and songwriting are two essential things to manage if you want to be successful in the music business, and must say that these guys have what it takes, and believe me this opinion comes from a person that hears dozens of promos each month.

I must give a lot of credit to the great lead guitars and the keyboards, the lead marks great melodies while the second supports with some great riffing. The keyboard adds the extra element the band needs, although keyboards in Death Metal is nothing new nowadays, the approach you give to them can be very different in each band, in this case the keyboard both does soloing and add atmosphere.
My favorite? Hard to decide, though "Where The Black Lotus Grows" is a definitive winner here, also kudos to the instrumental piano piece "Mæstitia".

Great piece of work, and definitively one of the best Demos I've received this year (although the Demo is from last year). Be sure to check these guys out, I know I'll be on the lookout.

Written by Undercraft | 09.06.2004


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