Sarcoma Inc. - Torment Rides Forever review


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Band: Sarcoma Inc.
Album: Torment Rides Forever
Release date: December 2004

01. Psychopathic Dominator
02. Paranoid Schizophrenia
03. Dreams Of Vengeance
04. Well Of Damnation
05. Necrowhore
06. Carnivorous Aggressor
07. A Hellish Intermezzo
08. Infernal Concubine

You got to be joking me right? Why did I receive this Cd? Not only has it one of the ugliest simplest covers that I've seen this year, but it also contains simplistic and boring music on the inside. I must warn you, I'm wasting precious time reviewing this, I could be jerking off or something more productive, but here we go anyway…

First, the production is bad, the guitars sound awful, each riff is pure pain, second, the music is watered down Thrash-Death Metal (YES I wrote Thrash right this time!-not Trash-, but it might be more Trash than Thrash), songs are boring and repetitive with the sole exception of "Dreams Of vengeance" the only song worth mentioning here.

The core of the band are 2 members only, Arghamon (which sounds like a Pokemon name) on drums and Daemon on guitars, bass and vocals (ex-Limbonic Art, ex-Zyklon).
Even if that song was really good, the rest of the album really sucks, why conform to play simplistic music and put an ugly cover to your debut Cd? Beats me, and I'm sure that if they come and explain it to me, possibly I wouldn't understand either.

I'm off to do more.. err productive stuff, I'm giving this Cd to one of my enemies, because I fear if I listen this Cd one more time, the torment will ride forever… IN MY EARS!!!

Written by Undercraft | 22.07.2004


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