Eternal Oath - Righteous review


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Band: Eternal Oath
Album: Righteous
Release date: 2002

01. Preserve The Emotions
02. Into The Dreamscape
03. Dreams Of The Silent
04. Righteous
05. The Destiny Forsaken
06. Crown Of Emptiness
07. And I Close My Eyes
08. Eternal [Paradise Lost cover]
09. Undeceived World
10. The Tears For Time

Eternal Oath are a Swedish band, and I know what are you thinking, they're playing Melodic Death Metal, Gothenburg style, while this is not completely untrue, Eternal Oath have a lot of differential advantages from their Melodeath compatriots.

First of all, the music contained in this, their sophomore album, has a doomy touch, a bit of progressive too, like Dark Tranquillity meets Opeth meets Amorphis, the result? A fine piece of album with a lot of killer tunes.

The album stars with "Preserve The Emotions" a powerful opener, filled with killer riffs and melodic breaks all over, next is "Into The Dreamscape" here where one of the best assets of the band really shows: the keyboards, sometimes they create atmosphere in the back, and sometimes they take the lead, and when they do this, the result is more than impressive. "Dreams Of The Silent" is another excellent track, all through the song there's present a catchy guitar line, and there's some clear vocals which I must say , are just great.

Title track "Righteous" begins with a Doomy piano, then again the powerful vocals of Joni Mäensivu electrify me, making of this song another instant hit. "And I Close My Eyes" is a beautiful song, well, as "beautiful" as Death Metal can be, some songs even include female vocals, which are very enchanting, the albums also have "Eternal" a cover of Paradise Lost, what else can you ask for?

Let's recap, great keyboards, wide variety in the vocal department, nice guitar leads and melodies, and fine artwork/general layout. Do I sense a winner here? Hell yes!
Maybe some of you don't know Eternal Oath, my advise, try them, you won't be disappointed.

Written by Undercraft | 02.08.2004



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