Taliandörögd - The Parting review


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Band: Taliandörögd
Album: The Parting
Release date: August 2004

01. Degenesis
02. The Foul Layer
03. Anaesthesia
04. Onto Open Void
05. Vertigo
06. Haven
07. The Cure
08. Aporia
09. The Parting

Taliandorogd is a young band from France and "The Parting" is the first album of the combo after their surprising and more than original first MCD "Neverplace". It's very hard to give a classification to the music of the band, because they really play their own music. A mix of melodic Death with progressive elements sometime near of Doom some other time near of Stoner… In my opinion this is this kind of stuff which do that a band can be recognized or no and in the case of Taliandorogd I have no doubts that the best will come for them.

"The Parting" is another time for a production of the band very surprising. The music of this combo is original there is no doubts on that point. There is of course all the classic parts for the music of a good Metal band, with strong guitars riffs however very melodic, excellent lines of bass and also the perfect drums played by one of the best drummer made in France Dirk Verbeuren [Scarve]. But there is this originality in the music of Taliandorogd which does that in a song, we can be into Death, but also Doom for some parts or even Stoner… In general the music of the band is Dark, but it's also very easy to feel all the good work of composition on this album.
With the good clean or Death vocals of Simon Beux with in addition really good lyrics, the music don't suffer of any real problems. This is slow [even if we have a lot of double drums pedals on it…] in general, very insistent, but always very melodic and with some solos which can sound a bit bluesy and are more than efficient. At the end with all this originality, the music of the band is not very easy of access, but more that you'll listen to this album more you'll find it addictive and catchy.
The production is also very well done, an I must congratulate the work of Stephan May on this album, no problems we can hear easily the very personal sound of the band.
This album is well done and only show us that we will certainly hear of this band in the future.

At the end I will only recommend this album to all the ones who want something new and original. If you want something a bit disturbing and surprising, "The Parting" is for you.
I'm proud to be a French Metal Head because nowadays I really have the feeling that my favourite music is waking up here. Taliandorogd is one of the pieces of the puzzle which help this music to be bore and more important [and of good quality] in France.
I really recommend this band, "The Parting" is a must have…

Written by Jeff | 09.09.2004


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