Jaaportit - Uumenissa review


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Band: Jaaportit
Album: Uumenissa
Release date: July 2004

01. Tulien Tuli
02. Luomaan Lunta
03. Maa Pirstaleista
04. Ilmaan Kylmään
05. Unisena
06. Vuoksen
07. Huuruportaali
08. Pisaroi Puusta Pitkälle
09. Vaka Vanha
10. Tajuni Uumenten Taa

Sometimes we want to enter to a deeper state of mind, peacefulness, inner connection, and other feelings that makes us wonder between the seas of infinity and oceans of tranquility, sometimes we want to disconnect from the material world, sometimes we want to wander through ivory plains and uncharted territories, sometimes we just want to be one with the world…

My first paragraph explains very well the thoughts that went through my mind when I was listening Jääportit "Uumenissa" the brainchild of Finnish musician Tuomas M. Mäkelä.

Sorry, first of all I want to warn you, this is definitively not Metal, has nothing to do with it, the only connection I could make is that this was released by Firebox Records, a Metal label, as a matter of fact, Jääportit music could be best described as Ambient electro-synth atmospheric music, or something like that, to be more understandable, think of any New Age artist, Vangelis, Kitaro, etc, well, that's the way the music goes, relaxing, soothing and dreamy.

10 songs here, and each one reflects beautiful passages and landscapes, Jääportit draw his inspiration from the mysticism of nature, things beyond the human consciousness, dreams, emotions, ancient mythologies, dark side of the moon, time and space.

Jääportit is a Finnish that could be translated in English to "Icegates", and I think that's the spirit that this music emanate, icy plains, ice caverns, icicles, glaciers, icebergs, the music itself has this cold nature.

Anyway, this was a nice experience, I'll listen to this once in a while and I'm dying to know what's the next step in Jääportit music, I beg that for his next release he seeks a better cover artist, because I didn't liked this one a bit.
For Metalheads who breakfast, lunch and dinner Metal, this is definitively not for you, for people with wider tastes in music, is worth the try.

Written by Undercraft | 20.11.2004


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