Aberrant Vascular - Actaeon review


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Band: Aberrant Vascular
Album: Actaeon
Release date: 2004

01. De Te Fabula Narratur
02. Ekpyrosis

I'm always eager to hear new Metal experiments, to discover new styles or rare hybrids, in any case is fun to become some sort of "Metal Detective" search through the web for strange Metal bands. In one of those hunting trips I came across this band that label themselves "Operatic Avant-Garde Metal". I knew I was in need of this Cd.

The 2-song Demo from these Finns is quite strange I must say, they weren't kidding with the Operatic thing. While you expect a robust opera female singer you get a skinny dude with a deep operatic voice, ok this guy is not Pavarotti, but sure he can hit some notes.

The music goes like this, riffing accompanied with several layers of keyboards, low guttural vocals Vs. operatic male vocals, in the middle of it there's piano solos, electronic elements and vocal effects as well. Both songs have a lot of Progressive touches mostly in the drumming, while keyboards determine the atmosphere, drumming marks the weird pattern the music walks on.

But not all is perfect, vocals (operatic ones) can get annoying after several listens, but to counterweight that, each time you listen a song, new elements unveil, definitively every time I listen this it grows a little more in me.
Long story short: 2 song Demo with great qualities and originality! (thing that is lacking in the Metal scene nowadays). This band with proper support (and more songs of course) could be the next thing in Metal.

Written by Undercraft | 17.03.2005


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