Fate - A Matter Of Attitude review


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Band: Fate
Album: A Matter Of Attitude
Release date: 1986

01. I Won't Stop
02. Hard As A Rock
03. (I Can't Stand) Losing You
04. Point Of No Return
05. Hunter
06. Summerlove
07. Farrah
08. Get Up And Go
09. Limbo A Go Go
10. Do it
11. Hardcore Romance [CD bonus]
12. Memories Of You [CD bonus]

As you might have noticed, Hank Sherman pretty newly started a new band, Force of Evil. But that's not the only band he has started, the legendary Mercyful Fate is the most famous. He has also started a band named only Fate, it was a Hard Rock /AOR group he picked together in the middle of the eighties. Now he only stayed for two albums before moving on to start Lavina.
This review will focus on the re-release of the second and last album of Fate with Hank in the line-up, "A Matter of Attitude".

This was originally released in 1986, and by judging of the sound, I would have guessed that they would hail from the States, the music is so much American eighties Hard Rock, the old kind of Hard Rock I'm so fond of.
Not only the music, the whole culture was interesting. But now was Fate from Denmark, not USA.

But now it's not the eighties in general that's on "trial" here, it's this particular album, an album that introduced Fate's first permanent keyboarder, and he is doing much, actually his playing, together with Jeff "Lox" Limbo's voice is the main reasons why I even mentioned the States.

The music is as mention very keyboard driven, but there are also much guitars, and usually it's one of them that drives the whole package, but here they're working together.
The production is a little lame, but that's just good, it creates that special feeling that the band from USA had during this time, but still, they were Danish.

Already from the very first song, "I Won't Stop" we'll hear how this album is going to song; it's a good opener, that really tells a lot of the album in general.
But there are two important exceptions; as usual when an old album is re-released, there are some bonus tracks; "A Matter of Attitude" is no exception.
Here we're getting two new songs, no live tracks or demo versions, just two completely new songs.
"Hardcore Romance" and "Memories of You", and the first one are, believe it or not, the best this album has to offer, the chorus is excellent.
They are both very different from the others, the sound is much better, and it sounds like it's recorded years after, the eighties-feeling is not present, it more sounds like modern Hard Rock/Melodic Metal songs, but still, "Hardcore Romance" is the best.

So if you're into the eighties and want something new, but still old, check out Fate's "A Matter of Attitude" it's a very good record, and it surprised me the first time I listened to it, and it might even surprise you.

Check Out: "Hardcore Romance", "I Won't Stop", "(I Can't Stand) Losing You" & "Hard as a Rock".

Written by Malcolm | 24.11.2004


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