Absurdity - Decline Of Human Condition review

Band: Absurdity
Album: Decline Of Human Condition
Release date: 2004

01. From Nuclear Meltdown Toward
02. The Burning Sun
03. Survival
04. Leader Of Herd

Absurdity is a young French combo, which plays a mix of Thrash/Death Metal with hardcore influences. "Decline Of Human Condition" is their first demo, and if you like good and heavy music, you'll have to remember the name of this band. "Decline Of Human Condition", even if this recording suffer unfortunately of a very amateurish sound, is really promising…

Absurdity plays a classic Thrash/Death Metal with some Hardcore influences, this kind of music made for the Live shows, this kind of music which will give you the feeling that you must jump and slam in the pit like a furious and silly man. This demo is not very long, with only three songs (+an intro) but this definitely not bad at all. The songs are powerful, the singer has a big and strong good Death voice and all that is catchy. However there is a very original touch in the music of Absurdity, a very uncommon instrument for a metal band, a Djembe. In fact all the songs of this album have in addition on it, the rhythms made by this African instrument, and well it sound good. Imagine some powerful riffs and Death vocals with on it some African beats, it's original and yeah it's very good to listen to this kind of originality. At the end, even if this first demo is just a first try and even if we only have three songs, well that's more than promising. Honestly, I hope that the band will keep this special particularity for the future, because there are a lot of bands which play this kind of music, but can you give one band which uses this kind of percussion? No, I don't know some other Metal bands, which use Djembe… That's something that you'll have to keep guys…
The only problem with this Demo, come from the sound, of course, we don't ask the quality of recording that only the Majors can offer, but however, some bands through their demo, have some really good sound… Then I hope that the band could re-record this Demo with a better sound, first they deserve it, and second it could be easier to catch a label… However, there is potentiality in this demo, then I believe in the band…

Well well, this is a first promising demo, and I hope that the band will follow its good start. They have a great originality in their music, that's important and with only a better sound, it could become more than interesteing. I hope that we will heard some good news about Absurdity in the future…

Written by Jeff | 09.12.2004


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