Funhouse - The Second Coming review

Band: Funhouse
Album: The Second Coming
Release date: 1998

01. The Second Coming
02. Forever True
03. Voices
04. Dreamtime [Hazy Odd version]
05. Body And Soul
06. Over The Hills And Far Away
07. Dreamtime [Irish Dentist version]
08. Voices (Short)

Their name is Funhouse, they come from Sweden and they adore gothic rock as it was formed back in the middle 80s by Andrew Eldritch (The sisters Of Mercy) and Wayne Hussey (ex-The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission). They are one of the many that follow step by step the footprints of Eldritch and Hussey keeping the dark cowboy flame alive. I'm sure that the line-up's rooms are filled with posters of the Sisters of Mercy's "First and Last and Always" and the Mission's "The First Chapter"-"God's Own Medicine" period worshipping them every night right before they go to sleep.

Now, except for joking, in this mini-cd there are two new compositions in the renowned 80s' gothic rock way, "The Second Coming" and "Forever True" ("i still remember the last time between a rock and a hard place..." - does it remind you of something?) and two versions (a long and a short one) of "Voices", a really wonderful gothic rock composition coming from their debut album "Girls" back in 1994. Of course "Body and Soul" and "Over the hills and far Away" couldn't be missing from here. The kids are really excited with the Sisters and the Mission that they show factually their love and gratitude to the bands mentioned above with these two covers. Both covers are really good and if you ever have the chance listen to them. And though the previous compositions are really wonderful, i can't accept these two silly remixes (with trip-hop effects, beat, electro sounds etc - the one made by Rosetta Stone) of "Dreamtime" (a brilliant composition coming from their second album "Never Again"). If you ever have the chance to listen to them, don't do it, ignore them, you'll lose valuable time and time never comes back. I really can't understand why they did it, why they raped a really good song. This one is an 8-track mini-cd; for me it's a 6-track one and those two tracks they just don't exist in my world...

Generally, if you want to find out how Funhouse sound like and you'd like to listen to 80s' gothic rock made in the 90s with good production and heavier guitars you could give them a chance with "The Second Coming" if you can't find anything else from them (in case you can check something else out, both "Girls" and "Never Again" albums are really good and inspired).


Written on 03.01.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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