Eidyllion - Gymnopaidia Del Leteo review


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Band: Eidyllion
Album: Gymnopaidia Del Leteo
Release date: January 2002

01. Exordio (Facás Del Trafago)
02. Tears Over Bayeaux
03. Euphone Perennia
04. Intermezzo (Dentro De Los Cálidos Sueños)
05. Fuego Fatuo
06. Cuando Los Océanos Fueron Todos Los Elementos
07. Círculo
08. Tarasca (La Muerte De Una Quimera)
09. Epitafio De Ilusiones
10. Catarsis
11. Epílogo (Ínfulas De La Muerte)
12. Catarsis [Versión De Ensueño]

The atmosphere has settle down, everything is calm, now it's time to enjoy music from the deep vast forest, music from nature, music from Eidyllion.

A Mexican Folk/Doom/Gothic Metal band, with incredible lyrics (some Tolkien influences, Orcs, Elfs, etc.) some lyrics in English, some lyrics in Spanish, the genuine remarkable thing is THE MUSIC, surreal music that blows your mind with nothing but synthesizers, drums, and one of the greatest vocals in this genre (beautiful "howls from the woods" combined with soprano tones), an album full of dark atmospheres and depressing environment.

The music is unbelievable, the first thing I thought when I was looking at the booklet, amazing one by the way, with some transparent paper(in the lyrics of "Tears Over Bayeaux"), the most exciting drawings, etc. anyway as I was saying, the thing that impressed me was the fact that Eidyllion has no guitarist, no bassist, no nothing(all the other members quit the band for "personal" reasons after the recording of their previous Demo "Nasghaa") but the music still sounds overwhelming, the fact that there is no "primary" instruments is no problem at all, every song is filled with so much beauty, anger and surrealism that it doesn't need anything else.

There is one particular song that makes my heart go really fast, "Catarsis" the longest song in the album, a track with the most breathtaking performance by Salai, Screams, vocal chords, a truly beautiful voice is shown in this song, the synthesizers are amazing, and the drumming is a blast, a song with all kind of silhouettes and structures that can be appreciated incredibly well. "Fuego Fatuo" is another great song, violent yet beautiful, the thing is that every song can be deduced in different ways according to each mind, and that my friends is incredible.

This album is in a way very peaceful, but it can surprise you with violent tracks and insane drums, "Gymnopaidia Del Leteo" is an album that a lot of people could hate because of it's constant surrealism, that sometimes makes the lyrics and the concept impossible to understand, but those others lucky ones that know how folk metal works, this would be a new jewel that will be treasured forever.

Written by Herzebeth | 03.01.2005


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