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Band: Exhumed
Album: Anatomy Is Destiny
Release date: 2003

01. Anatomy Is Destiny
02. Waxwork
03. The Matter Of Splatter
04. Under The Knife
05. Consuming Impulse
06. Grotesqueries
07. In The Name Of Gore
08. Arclight
09. Nativity Obscene (A Nursery Chyme)
10. Death Walks Behind You
11. A Song For The Dead

Goregrind is a genre that mostly doesn't bring anything new to the table right? Wrong! Especially in the present days Grindcore, Brutal Death, Goregrind and in particular Experimental Grindcore bands are pushing the envelope to bring the fans new twists and fresh sounds while keeping with the brutality and violent music that characterizes those genres (too bad Pornogrind got left behind and is still producing the same old crappy music though). So, one of the most popular Goregrind bands, "Exhumed," released their third full length album called "Anatomy Is Destiny;" let's take a peek into this album now.

"Anatomy Is Destiny" is in many ways very different from the band's earlier work; not only is the production incredibly better but musically there are a lot of improvements as well. The music reflects more professionalism, the tracks are structured (I swear) and incredibly well made. The album finally features complex guitar leads and solos, obligatory riffs (that's when all the instruments play the same riff, not common in Grindcore actually), and drumming that is fast as always and brutal but in this album the drums sound better (in equalization and other stuff). Well the music in general is better this time, the lyrics…well what would you expect, this is Goregrind, so they talk about guts, murder, and all that typical stuff, even though some songs have different type of lyrics (personally I prefer Grindcore with deeper lyrics, but whatever).

The songs are incredible, there is no fair way to highlight just one song because every single tune in "Anatomy…" is brilliant and has something fresh that everyone must hear. Well, fair or unfair, I do want to highlight two songs. First is "Waxwork," this song is the first track that leaves you with a funny feeling. Exhumed is doing catchy riffs (2:35) and complex solos (2:57), this lead is actually amazing and well structured (it has a great scale), the vocals in this song are more raspy than growly, and the track in general has incredible moments. The second highlight, which also I think is the best track in this album, is "In The Name Of Gore." This particular track is amazing from the beginning to the end, it starts with a cool sequence of screams and obligatory riffs, then the drumming starts changing over and over again. The guitar solo (0:53) is just a blasting experience (even though it lasts only few seconds); the bridge and the catchy riff is impressive (2:25), every single thing in this track is fantastic: structures, complexity, scales, sequences, all that stuff Exhumed was not used to writing is now here, this song is a priceless jewel indeed.

So in the end this album is quite impressive, yes, as some people said it's a little similar to Carcass's "Necroticism…" but all in all this album is varied and fresh, a must have album indeed.

Written by Herzebeth | 17.08.2005



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17.12.2007 - 07:10
Propane Salesman
Listening to the album right now, I must say it is indeed very riff-tastic. These songs would be oh so tasty live. Metal is fun because of bands like Exhumed. Good review too.
The force will be with you, always.
14.03.2009 - 21:00
Liver Failure
Agree with the review, its very hard to choose the highlights in this album... all of them are equaly competent. And the catchy riffs, the solos, and the organized song-structure really surprise me.. their sound sure has improoved.

Written by Clintagräm on 17.12.2007 at 07:10

These songs would be oh so tasty live. Metal is fun because of bands like Exhumed.

That's very true

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