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Abused Majesty - Serpenthrone review

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Band: Abused Majesty
Album: Serpenthrone
Release date: June 2004

01. A Dream Of Sleeping Warriors
02. The Path Of Sword
03. Reviving Of The Master Of The Dead
04. The Crown Of The Serpentine King
05. The Fall Of Black Fortress
06. A Burning Army
07. Upon The Throne Of Serpents
08. Ravens Brought Them Victory
09. The Inferno that Took His Life
10. Epilogue - A Prophecy: Fall Of The Last Temple Of Time

This month with Adipocere Records this is the month of Poland. After Mutilation and Naumachia, the French label releases also Abused Majesty a symphonic Black/Death Metal band. All the guys and gals who want something in the vein of Dimmu Borgir should be interested by this band who play in the same category, but if you're looking for some "true" Black or Death Metal, not sure that this album will be for you…Time will tell…

"Serpenthrone" is the first album of this young combo which started its story in Poland during the year 1999. Like a lot of bands nowadays, they chose to play a symphonic Death/Black Metal in the spirit of a Dimmu Borgir for example. For all the ones who don't know yet this musical style, you must know that we are in front of some very aggressive but however very melodic riffs in addition of the blast made by the Drums. Add to this mix a pure Black Metal voice and you can understand how it sounds. This is not new yeah I know, a lot of bands already did that especially some killers like Dimmu Borgir or Agathodaimon but Abused Majesty is not bad at all. At its own level I should even say that their first album is really promising. The songs are catchy not boring and above all the general ambiance on each song is really good.
The only problem in fact comes from the lack of originality, I mean that the ones who want pure Black will never love this kind of album, it will be the same for the ones who want Death and finally the ones who like this music will find nothing really new. In that case, I'm afraid for this band because it will be hard maybe to catch some new fans, not because of the quality of the music which is more than correct but because of this feeling of déjà-vu…
The production, the artworks of the album are at least really good and this is maybe the thing which will save the soul of Abused Majesty. When you're a young band, and when you're able to release this kind of first album, no doubt that you'll do something better in your future and I believe in them. If they are able to do something a bit more personal and original the next time, for sure they will become a big name of the Polish Metal scene.

With this "Serpenthrone", the polish combo Abused Majesty gives to me some good hopes for their future. This is not a really original first album but I believe in the potentiality of this band. If you like this music, I invite you to discover them through this release and for sure, with some work they could become a big name of the style in the future…

Written by Jeff | 28.02.2005



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Hm. I give it a freaking 10. But thats me.

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